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Hi, has any other parents or anyone else for that matter experienced racism whilst living here in France. I ask as my two boys are been bullied to the extent of racial name calling at school ie 'why dont you go back to your own country' and continually called 'roast beef' or just nasty comments about the UK. Ive been to see the teacher who basically just said kids will be kids but i find this un acceptable and racist. We work here and pay all our taxes and do everything legally as others do in the EU. How have other parents got round this? Thanks for any help!!

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Tigger-459388 1285607830

It can happen in France, as it can in any other country. It is illegal. My children are grown up; but in your position, I would, once more, tell the teacher to deal with the problem. However, I'd do it in writing, sending a copy to the Mairie. (This would have to be in, very accurate, French). The government still controls the school in France. However, as in all legal situations, you will need to be able to verify what you say and the word of your child may not be sufficient.

I wish you the very best of luck and I hope that you are able to solve this unfortunate problem.

Steve Arcy-460764 1285614068

I was very distressed to read your posting, and agree very much with Tigger’s response. I would add that the more you get involved in life within your community – meals, events, etc - the more likely you and your children are to get known and to receive support from other local people. Racism is an insidious and nasty phenomenon that needs a wide local base to combat effectively. Good luck.


simonarn 1285663542

Nationalism rather than racism seems to have been encouraged by Sarkozy in the case of the Roma s and it can go quite far. However, I wouldnt get too worried about rosbeef and so on, its been that way for years. Sometimes going to the teacher can only inflame the situation, whilst teaching the kids how to deal with it is sometimes better. If the kids can speak french well and joke back with the other kids as long as he situation is not violent, i think i would try that first as bringing in the teacher wont stop the name calling.

Just an opinion, as it is very emotive when it involves the children.

Tigger-459388 1285692772

I agree about the "rosbifs" comment. It's only an insult if you think that the term, "frogs" is insulting. In my opinion, it's banter (I do not deny that banter can hurt). However, I cannot agree that (if I understand you correctly, simon) Sarkozy's action vis-a-vis the Roma's is Nationalistic as opposed to racist. That written, it's an interesting argument. It may be worth remembering that, in England, the National Front would (obviously) call themselves "Nationalistic".

Simon's comment re, the possibility of exacerbating the situation, does hold water. This is why you need to be absolutely certain that this is come kind of bullying, as opposed to, sadly normal, childhood behaviour. We are all different and, if I was in your position, I would make myself absolutely sure of the facts. I do not, under any circumstances, tolerate prejudice or bullying, but I do allow for the fact that children can be damned mean.

simonarn 1285748614

I chose nationalistic, because racism, which has to be deplored, covers antipathy towards a race as opposed to a nation, ie anti coloured, anti muslim etc.

I was about to have a rant but i didnt want to hijack the chat subject , I hope that the kids find a way to deflect what is probably teasing rather than bullying.If they start to get sick rather than going to school its a sign that its turning worse and then action has to be taken. Good Luck

Tigger-459388 1285775720

Fair point, simon.

airluchador 1367617683

You can only teach your children not to behave that way and have a class and that's what will distinguished them from a "white thrash" kind of families and their chav kids for that matter. As a foreigner you are always excluded in some ways especially in Europe,UK is not much different when we lived there. We were from Canada and we heard  some rude comments about us as well, but as i said, simpletons were born simple, will live simple and die simple. They have never read the book of bonne tonne, it is quite obvious:)

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