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I was excited to find your website, with lots of sensible information, and a great network of people. I know I’ll be pouring over the site more in the future. My husband, 11-yr old son, and I are researching spending a sabbatical year in the Dijon area. If we get the logistics worked out (Visas, University CIEF applications, etc.), we’d like to live there during the 2012-13 school year. My son, who will be 12-13 years when we visit, goes to French immersion school here in Canada, but we’d like to find a good fit, school-wise. I have been looking at the websites of the various Colleges in Dijon, and it looks like the College Clos de Pouilly has a classe d’accueil, which seems to be for newcomers and international students. I haven’t yet found information about other schools or programs at the College level for international students. Although his teacher assures me that my son’s level of French is good, we live in the English part of Canada, and my husband and I speak very little French. We realize that living and going to school completely in French will be a huge adjustment, let alone getting used to a larger, "middle school" type approach, and the French style of education. He currently attends a smaller school, e.g. class size of 22, with perhaps 200 students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on finding a College that may have experience with students from other places? Is the classe d’accueil at the College Clos de Pouilly typical of other Colleges in Dijon, or is this the college where newcomers seem to be placed? Thanks in advance for your tips, Lisa p.s. We visited Dijon in November 2011, and we loved the area, despite being constantly lost and on detours because of all the road works ☺. Our son ended up doing a lot of translation (DH & I are Anglo-Canadians with only basic French), and I think he’ll settle in OK, but this can be a difficult age, and we want to make it as easy as possible.

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Anyone know any good places for little ones to meet him? Thanks in advance

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Is there an Ofsted equivalent to assess schools in France? If so, I'd welcome any links to websites / info so I can find out more about schools in Burgundy, Thanks.

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Did not want to hijack Busybee's similar topic but the grandchildren are coming in a week or two and I would really welcome any ideas for places to take them. They are a girl of 3 and a bit and a boy of 6 and a bit and we are in 71 Saone et Loire. Many thanks

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Hi weve friends coming to stay for a week who have kids so looking for recommendations for days out for all of us in the Nievre 58. Anyone with kids can recommend anywhere to go for the day. Thanks

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Anyone recommend good days out with kids in Burgundy? Weve my sis coming tomorrow with her kids so looking for places to go for all the family. Thanks

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Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas of where we can take our 15 month old and 3 and half year old grandchildren this weekend? Their mum and dad are going to Paris Saturday morning and returning late Sunday afternoon for a much deserved rest. We're having difficulty thinking of where to take them, everything seems to be closed.thanks sue

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We took on the care of our elderly mother, who is 95 but in fine fettle apart from her memory. We go out to events and for diner with friends from time to time and whilst she normally comes with us and is usually good company and integrates really well, there are times when we'd like to go to things which would be totally unsuitable for her or to just have a break for a few hours from one another. Is there a service for 'granny' sitters or someone who'd like to get involved. We're in L'Yonne region of Burgundy. Any advice or information welcome. Email: steve.lytton@orange.fr

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We recieved these last year before now, has anyone else got them this year yet?

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Hi, did anyone see the article in Tuesdays Daily Mail about the growing number of women being left in France by partners who are not able to cope and do not know where to go for help and advice? Since then all sorts of exciting things have happened and the lady who featured mainly in the story has been approached to offer help and support to Women Alone In France hence the name of her group. There are a lot of things she can help with including legal advice from a Notaire, Avocat, Insurance man, Doctor and financial advisor. There will be more press coverage as things progress and there are people able to offer some work opportunities and support women in a variety of practical ways. This is not a " tea and a chat" group these are real issues for real people and she aims to help sort out the problems women cannot perhaps find answers to easily. The group will help women all over France and there will be a confidential line for private discussion and a private email address. Please spread the word, maybe you know a woman struggling alone or are indeed yourself having a tough time. For more information please email me and I will put you in touch. Help offered always appreciated so if you have a skill to offer get in touch too (men alone can also get help.)

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Hi has anyone seen a shop which sells things for bithday parties. Im after things like banners and maybe fireworks etc. There was loads of shops like this in the uk but i cant seem to find any around Dijon. I am willing to drive to a shop in other towns. Thanks

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Hi does anybody know of any riding stables or schools within an hours drive of Dijon. Many thanks

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I am trying to trace Derek Forrest who lived in the South of England before moving to France. He owned a printing company in England. I am closely linked to Derek by his mother Jessica. If anyone has any information please email me or post on this site. Ishka Sanderson-Dickson

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Hi all I have entered my son into a competition with the shop kiabi. It is to become the face of kiabi, to make the final three it is done on how many votes your child gets. Please can you vote for my son for me he has set his heart on the competition, i will be very very grateful for all votes casted. click on the link below to go straight to his page http://www.kiabi.com/casting?id=323025 Many many thanks

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Hi, do English kids with a valid uk passport need to get the permission of the mayor to leave France as the French kids do. Im sure they dont but a friend who works in the mayors office says they do? thanks

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We would like to take the kids to disneyland paris this holiday and wondered if anybody had any good pratical information about doing so.Is it best to book direct with a package from the official website, or book a hotel near the park and buy tickets on the day.How many days do you need to get round it all,Is food very expensive can anyone recommend a hotel near etc etc.Is there a site that gives discount for last minute bookings? Many thanks in advance

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Hello, Anyone know of any Mums and Tots type groups in the Montbard or Veneray les Laumes area?

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Does anyone know of a shoe shop ANYWHERE in Burgundy that measures childrens feet similar to clarks etc.I spent most of our summer trying to get my little darlings measured as the shoes in other shops dont fit quite right. Thanks for any advice

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Hi Just found out now that all the kids at school need insurance whilst they are there, possibly another mountain of paperwork.Does anybody know what this is? where i can get it from? and how much i should pay? Thanks

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Hi.We have a babysitter booked for sat night as its my birthday.Weve never used one in France before and its the neighbours daughter who is 16.We were wondering how much to pay her.Anyone any ideas please.

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