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Does anyone have any experience with their children joining Scouts in France? I'd love to hear your impressions. Looking for a local club for my kids to join but nervous about how they will welcome children who are not completely bilingual yet.

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Does anyone know if there are open farms that welcome kids? I'm not sure what they are called but basically children are welcome, the animals are usually pretty accesible, sometimes they can feed them ect. Does this exist in France. I've been to several in the UK and my grandson loves them. Thanks.

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Looking for some place that sells kid's arts and craft supplies - similar to Hobbycraft or Early Learning Centre in the UK. In particular I'm looking for those large bottles of white glue, acrylic paints, and coloured construction paper.

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I'm looking for advent calendars that don't have chocolate in them - just drawings. I know this is fairly traditional but surely not all the calendars out there are just candy ones?

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Does anyone out there have a good list of pregnancy terms & phrases? Thanks Nemo.

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Any ideas on what a family with a 14 month baby (who is walking) can visit (happy for any departments at this stage). We found a few places to swim and also days out for markets, but wondering if there are any places to take children like indoor play centres, petting zoos. We found this one, but its a little too far to drive: http://www.top-parents.fr/breve/sortie-parc-de-loisir-famille-enfants/youmbao-plaine-de-jeux-pour-enfants.html

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Has anyone found any luck with finding indoor softplay areas for kids (especially for toddlers)? I know there is Youmbao but haven't had a chance to visit yet. And I've seen them in some French McDonalds - but would rather not go there. Anyone else have any luck?

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Hello all, I have family coming to stay with me over Christmas who have never been to Burgundy before and I would like to leave them with some truly lasting memories of this wonderful Region. Towards this end I am canvassing opinion as to the top five places to visit/things to do, in Burgundy. I'll get the ball rolling with five of my favourite Chateau/Abbey's, most of which will not be open during Christmas! Chateau de Bussy-Rabutin Chateau de Bazoches Nr. Vezelay Chateau at Ancy-le-Franc Nr. Chablis L’Abbaye de Fontenay Cluny Abbey I look forward to reading your opinions on the matter, and hopefully, with your help my family will come to see the region in all its various splendour!

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hi, has anyone ever had a birthday parties held at one of the local McDonalds? A friend of ours is trying to find out if that would be a good service to use or not. Any ideas?

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Does anyone know if and where one may source mince pie filling in Burgundy? I'm trying to avoid having it sent over from England - postage would be rather expensive. Any answers are very much appreciated

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I came across this great site for kids, via This French Life. It's called Les Cles de l'actualitue junior. It's basically a French newspaper but for children. I have to confess that I don't read French newspapers as I just don't feel comfortable enough with my own French skills. My hubby zips through La Lib but I find it too much of a struggle. But I'm going to have a go reading this kid's one (as silly as I feel). Maybe some parents will find this interesting for their kids.

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I'm pretty frustrated. My 26 month old daughter has a small cold and since so much has come out in the past year about the dangers of children's cough and the propensity for French drs to overmedicate, I tend to rely 'softer' approaches to helping her feel better. Tried and tested is using viks vaporub to help her nose clear. I went to the pharmacist to buy some and happened to mention that it was for my two year old daughter, at which point the pharmacist refused to sell it to me, stating that it was 'gravement deconseilller' to use it on a child younger than 8. So why does it say 2 years and above on the bottle!!! I started to argue with her and she just flat out refused to sell it to me. I realize that I can just go to another pharmacy to buy it but that's not the point. I understand a pharmacist giving advice on how to best use the medicine your are buying, but they are NOT drs and I find it incredibly obnoxious that she refused to sell it to me. Also, it's a pharmacy that I tend to go into alot because up until now I thought they provided good service. I told my partner and had to talk him out of driving the 20 minutes from our house to the town to give her a piece of his mind. I find this sort of arrogance really shocking. can you imagine some pharmacist in Boots doing that? What gets me the most is that it says on the pack it can be used on children 2 and over!

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We are spending our fist Halloween here and I don't really know what the attitude towards trick or treating is. Does anyone do it? Do only some people do it, if so how do you know which house is participating etc? I've seen some Halloween-type stuff in some stores so I'm assuming some kids are going to be celebrating. I just don't want to get the kids all excited and get alot of unanswered doors or some very confused French people staring at us.

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has any one been to the apple festival in chatenay in the past? fun or not worth it?

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Has anyone any experience of claiming Family Allowance in France, i have not claimed before as i was told we did not qualify with only one child. My son and myself are covered by an E109 ( not the same a the E106 system) as my Husband works and pays tax & NI in the UK. As his dependents are in an EU country, this covers us for the same entitlements as a French person in work. Any advice gladly received. xpat

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I've been here a couple of months and am looking for an ENglish-speaking playgroup to meet other mums in the region. Are there any? I'm near Dijon

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