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Can anyone help me with this. We have had our first property tax ('rates') bill and I want to pay it from a bank account using an IBAN number but the IBAN number is not on the 'Avis d'impot 2016' statement. I do not want to send a cheque and do not want a direct debit. Is it possible to pay the 'Centre des Finances Publiques' in Dijon using a bank-to-bank transfer with an IBAN number and where would I get the IBAN number?   thanks a lot!    ruth

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We hope to move to France permanently, and receive dividend income from our UK company.Can any member tell us how much dividend tax or social security or other charges we would pay on  joint income of 50,000 euros.We also receive a basic salary from them company of approx 7000 euros each.Burgundy seems to be a good area for us, and we are looking for a somewhat isolated place with land and water such as a lake or river frontage.Hopefully we will get some useful information from your good selves in this community.

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I need some document certified by a UK citizen, policeman, lawyer, teacher etc. Can anyone in 58 or 89 help me. Many thanks, Julian

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HelloI've been a resident in France since 2012 and pay taxes here on my income (earned here). Six months ago, i started renting out my flat in the UK and according to UK law i have to declare that income and pay tax on it in the UK.Do I have to declare it again in France? Do I even have to mention it in France if it has already been declared and paid for elsewhere? Does anyone have any advice for me please.Many thanksNatalie

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A new campaign group has recently formed in the UK called WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign) to "seek fair transitional arrangements for all women born on or after 6th April 1951 who have unfairly borne the burden of the increase to the State Pension Age (SPA). Hundreds of thousands of women have had significant changes imposed on them with a lack of appropriate notification. The 1995 Conservative Government’s Pension Act included plans to increase women’s SPA to 65, the same as men’s. Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI), agree with equalisation, but don’t agree with the unfair way the changes were implemented – with little/no personal notice (1995/2011 Pension Acts), faster than promised (2011 Pension Act), and no time to make alternative plans. Retirement plans have been shattered with devastating consequences." A crowdfunding exercise raised enough to pay for legal advice and barristers are currently considering potential action. A petition has been signed by more than 21,000 people since the 20th October. Yesterday it was announced that the Parliamentary Select Committee for Work and Pensions will be seeking submissions from women born in the 50's. "The Work and Pensions Committee have launched an inquiry into the new State Pension introduced in April 2016. Concerns have been raised that many of those who will be affected by the changes do not know enough about the changes or exactly what they will mean for their pensions." More details here:-  I am sure that there are many of you (like me) who are affected by these changes. You may want to consider signing the petition and asking your family and friends to do the same here You can find more information about the campaign and read some of the heartbreaking stories about women who have been left without the money they are entitled to here: Please pass this information to the women you know who were born in the 50's!

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hi folks I am moving to France for good next year I am over 60 but my husband is only 55 will he have to pay all the taxe de habitation or will he get a discount as I am old enough to qualify for free taxe de habitation. 

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I'm looking for a good accountant that can give me some general advice, can anyone reccomend me to such, I live in Vence but dont mind travelling. many thanks

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Hi to all,,,,,,,,,,,,,Does everyone pay bank charges on an account in France? I'm being charged almost 10 euros a onth for something called frais & comht on my account and don't really know what it is? It adds uu to over 100 euros per year which seems a bit steep! Thanks for any info

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Anyone help with this legal problem.   What is the position of the surviving partner in a pacsed relationship ? The deceased person was previously married with one son and also has 3 grandchildren. There was no written will. The person died intestate.

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Hi, This may be a simple question to a complicated subject, but can anyone provide me with some information about whether it is a good idea to become a resident in France or not? I assume the healthcare is a big bonus, but are there taxes on property/investments back in the UK? Any other points to consider? Thanks 

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Does anyone have experience with banks in Southern Burgundy, particularly in the Louhans area? We are U.S. citizens looking for basic banking services.   

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This might be of interest to expats based around Dijon: Le Tour de Finance is proud to announce the launching of its 5th annual tour of forums for expats in France, targeted at helping to bring financial experts together with expat communities to offer and educate on a wide range of financial and lifestyle products. Similar to the famous Tour de France,  Le Tour de Finance stops in various locations and will be in Dijon on the 20th June 2014 offering up to date information including: Tax advice, pensions/QROPS, mortgages, healthcare, lifestyle, schools and business advice and much more - http://www.letourdefinance.com/bookevent.php?id=101 Steve

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  Hi can anyone advise please,   Placed my house on the maket with an agent last week , he came around yesterday  with ckient and after 30 mins it was sold,  We signed the sale agreement for a price agreed,   question is now how long before the papers are written up and what is normally the time spell for everything to be in place abd exchanged done and dusted,   Or should I ask what is the average time   Regards   Happy Chappie

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Hi Just looked at my passport and it runs out in September, I plan on travelling a lot this Summer starting in a couple of weeks. I seem to remember reading somewhere there has to be a 6 month period left for travelling, is this correct as I don't have the 4 weeks left to get a new one? Thanks for any help, been on the webite but can't find the info.

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Has anyone claimed the rebate for old EDF bills as shown in the Connexion last month? Having read about it, Im not exactly sure what it was refering to and what I should be claiming for, what amount on my EDF bill do I add to this letter where it says euro (insert amount). look fwd to hearing from any of you clever people out there! Thanks

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As an auto entrepreneur my wife has received a form from our mutuelle, Répam Santé, regarding our ‘Attestation Fiscale Année 2014’. It refers to article 154 bis of the ‘Code General des Impots’ and under the heading ‘Maladie’ indicates an amount that she paid and that as a ‘profession libérale’ she must declare. Does anyone know where on the form this should be declared? Thank you

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Hi I bank with Credit Agricole bank in Burgundy ,can any one tell me how long it tackes a cheque to clear? Thankyou.

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Hi there, We're planning to rent out a  couple of rooms in our house in Beaune to holiday makers through an internet website. Can anyone give us info on who to inform, income tax regime and anything else we needto know? Many thanks Sue

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Can anyone explain to me if full time residents here have to pay inheritance tax on their overseas estate? Thanks for your replies in advance.

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Hi all, Our house is sold subject to the final Act de Vente. Can any one clarify which clauses we must have in the Act to prevent the buyers claiming money back in the future. We have heard of many problems regarding this. Has anyone had bad experiences and wish that they had done things differently? Thanks for your help.

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