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We are having problems with our architect. We were informed in September by his assistant that our planning permission had been submitted; subsequently we have found out that this is not the case. His assistant is no longer with him We cannot contact him - he will not answer emails, his office is almost permanently closed and he does not answer the phone. We managed to contact him once and he is insisting that the balance of his account is paid before he submits our dossier; however we are unwilling to do so until we find out where we stand. We have builders waiting to start work, but until we are granted planning permission we cannot do anything. Can anybody suggest a solicitor - or other mediator - who can sort this out for us? Many thanks

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personally i would speak to the notaire who you would have dealt with at the point of sale.I would also talk to the mayor about the situation in the same vicinity.

If you feel all this fails then seek out an English-speaking avocat(plenty on this site listed).

I feel that although we are in France we should all think about problems like we would in the uk, as all the info structure is the same.

Good luck

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