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Hi to all,,,,,,,,,,,,,Does everyone pay bank charges on an account in France? I'm being charged almost 10 euros a onth for something called frais & comht on my account and don't really know what it is? It adds uu to over 100 euros per year which seems a bit steep! Thanks for any info


François-957322 1432567891

I think most people do pay. Not sure about the poste bank. Credit agrcole charges 4 euros a month plus about 40 euros for the bank card each year.

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If your account is always in credit I would go into my local branch and challenge the charges with the threat being there are cheaper banks elsewhere.I believe the managers have the discretion to waive some charges for positive account holders


Jacques Deman 1432720296

I'm French, I'm dealing with ING DIRECT, as you may know, an online bank. I'm very satisfied with it:

Everything is free, enven the credit card. You should go and have a look at their website!

On top of this if you open an account there, on my behalf; I have 100 € bonus and you get 80 €!

Have a nice day!!


François-957322 1432743443

Hi Jacques,


Is it easy to set up/transfer standing orders  and titres. Are these free of charge ?


Jacques Deman 1432749043

Hi François !!

Yes, everything is easy and free in the euro zone. You don't even have to stick a stamp when you have to send them any paper or cheque. But the only problem you may enconter is that the client's interface is in French, as you're living in France, and you have to use their French branch.

If you have any other questions, send me an email to jacquesdeman(at) of feel free to give me a call at 0385543104. If I'm away there's an answerer;  just leave a message with your phone N°.

I hope I've been helpful...


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