can anyone recommend a bank?

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We are trying to open a bank account but as we don't live in Burgundy full time, it's proving to be a bit difficult (and the fact that we're not fluent in French). I've also been looking at the CA Britline account and the Barcalays international account. With Britline I don't really understand how the whole thing works since I understand that the local CA wouldn't actually be able to do that much for me since I would be with Britline. I'm also a little put off by Barclay's charges, conisdering we would only be using the accuont sporadically and not necessariy have that much going in and out of the account. So I suppose my question is does anyone recommend a local bank (if so any tips on how to get an account open as a British resident but who owns their house in France) or opinion on Britline or Barclays (or any other 'international' euro accounts)? Any and all would be appreciated ! :)

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Susan K. 1223814662

We use Britline. We at first were going to go with Barclays and then were disappointed by how much they charged. Britline is pretty good, but you have to sort of consider it 'remote' banking: mail in cheques for deposits ect. I once went to CA branch in the nearest town in it was such a hassle getting out some money (my card hadn't arrived yet) that I've never gone in since. We have a card (Mastercard), cheque book, and internet banking, which is almost a necessity for having a Britline account.

I'm not sure about opening with a local bank. I've heard that some banks are pretty welcoming to expats and as long as you have proof of address and ID then you should be fine to open an account, but I'm not sure. One of the only reason we've haven't decided to switch to a local bank is because the Britline helpline is pretty good (although they follow French working hours).

My one frustration with Britline is when I've sent them largish British cheques to be deposited and they 'held' it for a few days. When I've called them to find out why it's taking so long they sort of mumble an excuse and the cheque is usually in my account that day! Nevers seems to happen with smaller cheques....Anyway, that's my only complaint with them - hope this helps.

Julie-459453 1223815830

Where abouts in Burgundy are you?

rns0 1223833722

Near Macon.

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