Cheque d'emploi

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Could someone please let me know if this is an easy, effective way of paying for a gardener/ handyman thanks

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scar 1250328537

It was developed for ease of payment and to aviod complicated employment issues for people wanting occaisional help.

It's easy enough, you apply at your bank for the cheque book, there is a couple of forms to fill in and send of with the details of both yourself and the people you wish to employ...then you just pay them via the cheque book, once a month for example, and their taxes and cot's will be taken automatically.

eg. you pay someone 9 euros per hour > the state take an extra 5 euros from your account, to cover contributions > then at the end of the year, the state deduct 7 euros an hour for each hour you have paid, off of your own tax bill.

But they only deduct from your own tax bill, they won't send you a rebate for any excess.

and you can only use it for personel, as in non proffesionally related employment, like your gardening, house cleaning etc...things that are not related to your bisiness. this link is to the government site explaing the situation..

good luck, Scar

Daisy-461147 1250335283

We pay our gardener by this means and also a girl who helps us with cleaning etc.It works very well as you know that you are paying all the correct official payments and not employing illegally.

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