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Has anyone claimed the rebate for old EDF bills as shown in the Connexion last month? Having read about it, Im not exactly sure what it was refering to and what I should be claiming for, what amount on my EDF bill do I add to this letter where it says euro (insert amount). look fwd to hearing from any of you clever people out there! Thanks


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In the detail on your Edf invoices for the last two years  you will find an itemised amount for CSPE.

This is the amount you should claim plus of course the vat. Total all these amounts up to enter the value of your claim.

As the letter needs to be sent registered i just listed all the invoices, dates and amounts rather than sending copy invoices. Trying to reduce the cost of postage. This may be sufficcient although i may need to send copies at a later date.

I have yet to receive a response although it is eary days.

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Please help.  Can anyone ask for this rebate and is the demand sent to the address for EDF?

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