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Hello, Could any one offer any insights into the expected direction of the exchange rate between the pound and euro. Or perhaps if someone could recommend a site with forecasts and historical charts. I've done some research in the area but have found it a little difficult to find analysis on the rate between these to currencies because their not a trading pair. I've read that there is a feeling that the pound will weaken in the medium/long term against the euro, but would like to confirm this before changing any significant amounts of money (for some renovation projects). Obviously such predictions are always difficult and are exacerbated by the current financial climate! Many thanks

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At the end of last week, beginning of this week, the exchange rate was the best it's been for 6 months but after the politicians started to tinker with it, it's dropped like at stone.

You could try looking at this website for analysis:


and also

[url][/url] who do a daily market commentary.

Other than that, try Gypsy Rosie Lee and her crystal ball!

The pundits said that it would improve in Q3 this year, and it did, if only for a few days - so perhaps that's it for now!

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