Experience with banks in Southern Burgundy

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Does anyone have experience with banks in Southern Burgundy, particularly in the Louhans area? We are U.S. citizens looking for basic banking services.   


simonarn 1404199284

Pop down your local branch of the bank that you like the adverts for , armed with your passports and a utility bill and bish bosh . It doesnt really matter which one for basic banking services as they all rip you off to the same degree anyway. If it gets a bit more funky, mortgages,loans, invested funds etc, then you need to shop around.

Moser 1404230769

With U.S. banks there is quite a difference in banks' online services. Some have better bill pay. Some let you deposit checks by scanning them at home. Some work better in downloading transactions.Do any of the French banks seem better in what they offter? 

simonarn 1404231026

internet banking with a French bank? snigger snigger. BNP and Credit Agricole are particularly rubbish. i dont have any experience with the others

Gregor Hakkenberg-462332 1404238948

Hi, Moser,

We are with the Louhans branche of Banque Popualire (in the middle of Grande Rue) and I'm personally quite happy with the internet banking service. Although they are a bit more expensive than my Dutch bank, the system is rather simple and safe.

As for scanning cheques... don't hold your breath. We usually drop them off at the bank office, but you can also send them all together by regular post. This works fine.

If you need any other advise on the region, just drop me a line at bourgogne-at-cebeau-dot-fr.

Good luck!

Tigger-459388 1404509834

Internet banking: BNP works well for me, but it does demand French.  In fact, I'm quite happy with the BNP altogether, if I ignore the press.  However, all banks are self-serving organisations, one needs to remember this when making one's choice.  They are only interested in their customers when they want money from them.

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Loans/credit cards offered when not asked for, etc. etc..

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