No one will change $100 bills - frustrated

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I tried to change some dollars at the post office and was told that they would have to send the money to Lyon to have them verified and that it could take up to 15 days for them to be returned to me. Obviously I chose not to change them. I also went to all the banks in town and they told me same story: a high number of fake $100 bills have gotten into the system so from now on they will only change smaller bills or send your money away to be checked. Apparenlty it's the same all across France. I'm pretty shocked by this and find it really frustrating. They suggested that I change them at the airport in Paris if I didn't want to wait for the money to be sent away. Doesn't this seem a bit ridiculous?

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JohnRiley 1229039874

My American neighbours have made the same complaints. It may seem completely ridiculous but knowing French bureaucracy, it's unlikely that it will change.

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