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Hi Just looked at my passport and it runs out in September, I plan on travelling a lot this Summer starting in a couple of weeks. I seem to remember reading somewhere there has to be a 6 month period left for travelling, is this correct as I don't have the 4 weeks left to get a new one? Thanks for any help, been on the webite but can't find the info.


simonarn 1399974016

Sidney, if you are travelling to an EU destination, your passport should be fine. If you are travelling outside the EU and need a visa, I think each country has its own passport expiry requirements, therefore you should be checking by destination and not by origin.

The above is only an uninformed opinion and you should always check with the country of destination before attemtping entry.

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Hi Sydney

Simonarn is correct. If you are travelling within the EU you are unlikely to have a problem as under the EU regulations the border authorities are required to let you enter their country PROVIDED they are satisfied that you are genuinely an EU national. In fact, under these same rules, every EU national has the right of entry, to live and to work in EU countries  So an expired passsport will normally be sufficient evidence for them.  

Having an expired passport might, however, be a problem if you wish to travel between EU countries by air. Most non - EU countries will require you to have at least 6 months remaining on your passport.

This is based on my experience as a (now retired) immigration officer, but it's always best to check in advance with the country you intend visiting.


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