Position of a pacsed partner on death

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Anyone help with this legal problem.   What is the position of the surviving partner in a pacsed relationship ? The deceased person was previously married with one son and also has 3 grandchildren. There was no written will. The person died intestate.


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I am not a legal expert by any stretch of the imagination but I have looked into inheritance issues since we moved to France so I can tell you that if a property is jointly owned 50/50 the surviving partner keeps their 50%. Of the deceased partner's 50% a certain percentage MUST go to any surviving children - I know it's a third each for two children and I think it may be half for one child. After the requisite amount has been allocated to children what remains can be left at the deceased's discretion but with no will I don't know what would happen to it.  By the way 'property' means all buildings, their contents and money in joint bank accounts. This is about to change for non-French residents who, after the new law passes sometime this summer, may leave their property according to the law of their original country. There are numerous websites with more detailed info - good luck.

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