Renting out rooms as a Bed and Breakfast

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Hi there, We're planning to rent out a  couple of rooms in our house in Beaune to holiday makers through an internet website. Can anyone give us info on who to inform, income tax regime and anything else we needto know? Many thanks Sue


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Some good artices on this subject on this blog - can't pin point them at the moment though.

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From our experience Susibear, the best first step is to go and see an Expert comptable (accountant) as there are many different types of tax regimes  and it depends on your own set of residentail/tax/financial circumstances as to which is the most favourable (the French tend to say the most interesting!) to you.

The actual registering is not too involved, and can be done reasonably quickly -or at least it was when we did it 10 yrs go.

One of the biggest items to get clarity on is the treatment of your RSI contributions which are compulsory. Initially they are based on `assumed` income but after 2 yrs will be based on yuor actual income so if you have grown your income significantly your RSI costs will likewise increase.

Can recommend a very good accountant in beaune if you are interested.

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