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What's a decent salary to be expecting from an employer in France? I do realise that in this current financial climate any offer is a good offer but, I had an interview and have now received an offer which is the lowest out of the stated 20000 - 25000 euros per annum.Obviously I won't be accepting the first offer but what do people think would a decent offer?Has anyone any experience in working for a french emplyer?

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Tigger-459388 1249855289

At the moment, any offer is better than unemployment. Also, it is far easier to search for the job that you want, from a position of employment. Further than that, it is difficult to advise, as you do not say what you do.

WowGeorge 1249900127

Congratulations on the job offer. As you say in this climate, any offer is a good one so take it and look around afterwards. I have a CDI from a french company and feel grateful to have it, even though it is not my ideal - actually selling fine Burgundy wine isn't too bad, I suppose!

In France, it is always important to discuss the salary at the interview, as if not they will always offer you the lowest amount. However, this happened to my friend recently, so she wrote to them and explained that she was sirprised they had offered her the lowest amount as they obviously thought she was the best candidate. She then explained that she couldn't possible afford to work for x but she would be prepared to accept y. She also added that she had a holdiay booked 2 weeks after the start date, so could she have the time off - they upped the offer to what she asked for and gave her the time off.

As Tigger said, without knowing what the job is, it is difficult to say if it is good or bad, however, generally, outside of Dijon, anythng over the SMIC is considered well paid.

steve o-459913 1249909016

It entirely depends what sort of job you have been offered ! Salaries here are a generally lower than they are for the equivalent job in the UK. If you have been offered a job as a salarié, grab it! The employer has to pay huge charges when he employs someone (almost as much as the employees salary), which is why employers simply cannot pay as much. If your employer asked you to go self employed, you would be the one with the charges to pay, and you could find yourself with even less in your pocket! You can check the sort of salaries offered by looking at job ads in newspapers, on internet sites etc.

simonarn 1249914311

To all, and with absolutely no suggestion that Peters question was anything other than genuine, I think you should all be wary of responding giving personal details of your financial situation on an open easily accessible website. Its the easiest thing to want to give advice, but when the question is so vague regarding what remuneration without specifying the work involved , it does raise the question. I enjoy the website as much as anyone, but we should all be aware of the pitfalls of such a forum.

Peter-460994 1249915782

Hi Simon,and everyone who has taken the time to respond.

Ive been looking for a job in the telecomunications sector in Burgundy for aound a year as i desperately need to be with my girlfriend who i met at university whilst in france.The offer i have is for a CDI contract in dept 21.

I never wanted people to give me any personal details, i just needed some views from people who are already experienced with working in France, as its difficult when you live in Uk to get info on the ground so to speak.

I find all this information very valuable as i do this site

Thanks again

Tigger-459388 1249925487

Simon is, of course, correct. That said, no potentially harmful information was given out.

If you turn down the job, you may find a better one, next week. However and seriously possible, you may be out of work for a year. It may be an idea to take the job and, then, if you are unhappy you can look for a different one, from a position of employment. In the end, it's you who has to decide..

Good luck!

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