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  Hi can anyone advise please,   Placed my house on the maket with an agent last week , he came around yesterday  with ckient and after 30 mins it was sold,  We signed the sale agreement for a price agreed,   question is now how long before the papers are written up and what is normally the time spell for everything to be in place abd exchanged done and dusted,   Or should I ask what is the average time   Regards   Happy Chappie


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Hi George,

First thing to determine is whether you have signed a `Compromis`, draft sale agreement which is the approach some Immobiliers take, or whether it was just an agreement to sell at the agreed price.

If the latter, then you will need to sign a Compromis drawn up by a Notaire, this should only take 2 or 3 weeks if all the required information is readily available.

If the former, you can then move on to the next phase which is a Notaire preparing an Acte de Vente, final sale agreement. The Notaire will need to make numerous checks which can take between 6-12 weeks. One of the things that can take time is the Notaire has to write to the local Mairie, as the village has first option to purchase your property at the agreed price. This doesn`t usually happen!


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Thank you so much for the reply,   I was not sure what events took place after the offer ,  looking at it should be all done and dusted within 3 months   fingers crossed,    



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Hi George

Take a look at this Information page which is just one of almost 200 we offer for users in Burgundy!

Selling a house in France

Good luck!


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Hi Chris Thank you very much for that one had diagnostic man yesterday and water board on this Friday, so it looks like its a goer,  



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