tax on UK dividend income

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We hope to move to France permanently, and receive dividend income from our UK company.Can any member tell us how much dividend tax or social security or other charges we would pay on  joint income of 50,000 euros.We also receive a basic salary from them company of approx 7000 euros each.Burgundy seems to be a good area for us, and we are looking for a somewhat isolated place with land and water such as a lake or river frontage.Hopefully we will get some useful information from your good selves in this community.


simonarn 1467105232

personally i wouldnt put so much detail on an open internet forum, it might encourage the wrong type of "advice"

wozza89 1467113562

Ask your accountant or a French accountant.
I agree with Simon, I certainly wouldn’t put on a public forum financial details.

Angela-Pole-863094 1467117089

Hi Simonarn and wozza 89.
These are not actual figures, only something to give me a guide as to the taxation situation in France. My accountant has no knowledge of the French system, and not living in France I have no contact with a French accountant. I was hoping there was someone in a similar situation who could help.
Thanks for your concerns anyway.

wozza89 1467127781

Hi Angela,
This link below may help. If it does'nt work look in the Directory on the top of the page then Financial & Legal

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