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hi folks I am moving to France for good next year I am over 60 but my husband is only 55 will he have to pay all the taxe de habitation or will he get a discount as I am old enough to qualify for free taxe de habitation. 


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Toy boys get a separate class of taxation dont they Tigger? 1445611909

Very good Simon but that does not answer the question.

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LOL Simon.  Unfortunately, I'm not the toy boy, the Tigress is the toy girl.

To the question:  To get the correct reply, you would do well to contact the Mairie of the town/village in which you intend to live.  In a situation where regular outgoings are involved, you want to know that the answer that you get is 100% accurate.

Good luck and enjoy your life here!

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You may be eligible on grounds of age, but what about your income? I am 80 and my wife is 75 and we pay Taxe d'habitation as we are lucky enough to have an average income, in French terms.

The ceiling for complete exemption on our 2014 taxe d'habitation (2015 forms not received yet) was a Révenu fiscal de référence of €16311, for two parts/people. there is a sliding scale of reduction above this figure. The RFR is basically your total income minus 10% for a UK state pensioner.

I think your local maierie will direct you to the appropriate Centre des Finances Publiques or l'Hôtel des Impôts. Our local one is very helpful, but we hear horror stories of others. Bonne chance 1445870577

Merci boucoup oldie 21. This answer made the most sense and answered my question. It also showed that our decision to move is right as you both seem very happy in your adopted home. It's a big move and one has to think hard before jumping. 

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Glad to have been some help.

Got the 2015 notice for taxe d'habitation today. Slight increase in the ceiling to €16322 for zero payment for two 'parts' but an almost apologetic note that I do not qualify for any reduction this year. The increase in the value of sterling has increased our income above any partial rebate.

As you will take up residence in 2016 there is theoretically no need to deal with taxe sur revenu until April/May 2017 but worth making contact when you have a permanent address here. Every office seems to do things differently but the trick they use here is to send documents to your last address. This carried on for 4 years for friends who came from Australia, even after they had moved to a new address in the local area.

You have obviously done your homework but it may be useful to visit one of the France Shows, if they still exist. Try Also the Connexion monthly newspaper and its weekly email, details on

Hope you enjoy life here as much as we, and others do.

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Why do you think that if you are over 60 you do not have to pay taxe d'habitation.If you are over 60 you can get a reduction if your income is below the levels as outlined by OLdie,but you do not become exempt just because of your age.In any event the taxation system is based on the household income and parts not on an individual basis.Do not forget that the exchange rate may also play a part if your income is in Sterling eg a pension

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