Taxes on rental income in UK

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HelloI've been a resident in France since 2012 and pay taxes here on my income (earned here). Six months ago, i started renting out my flat in the UK and according to UK law i have to declare that income and pay tax on it in the UK.Do I have to declare it again in France? Do I even have to mention it in France if it has already been declared and paid for elsewhere? Does anyone have any advice for me please.Many thanksNatalie


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Hi Natalie,
If I was you I'd go and have a chat with your local Tax office, ''maison d'impot'', all I know is that you should declare your world wide income, including interest on bank accounts etc.

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Thanks. I'll do that. I've just read a document that says that you declare it (so that they can calculate your taux for all sorts of other things) but you don't pay tax on it as it's part of the agreement between France and England. But i'll check at my local tax office.

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