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HM Customs and Excise after much deliberating have decided that "Yes" I was employed when I lived in England but due to the role I was in, I was responsible for paying my own tax and as such, they've presented me with a huge tax bill I can't pay. I've made an offer to pay so much per month which they've said is not acceptable and although I have the opportunity of further appeal, they keep threatening handing my case over to the French Authorities. Does anyone know what would happen if this were to be done? It's really quite worrying!

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See an English accountant! I always believed that they had to accept a reasonable payment, over a period of time. However, I may be wrong. If it has to go to court, ensure that it goes to English court, where interest payments will be stopped and a reasonable monthly payment will be insisted upon. However, do see an accountant. It will be the cheapest option, in the long run.

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