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am i right in thinking one of these is a solicitor,any info appreciated many thx

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Hi has anyone got any experience of paying this online as my payment for the first 3 months is due.Ive had a quick go but failed miserably.Looks quite tricky what does everyone else think Thanks

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Hello everyone, we have just landed in France (a few weeks ago) in quest of a new life. We are currently renting near Beaune while having a look around in order to buy a property. We have been absolutly astonished by estate agent's fees! And the fact that we, the buyers, are supposed to pay for them! We have a budget of around 250 000 euros, which after estate agent's fees plus notaire leaves us with just under 220 000 euros. NOT AMUSED! Am I right in thinking that the estate agent works on behalf on the SELLER and therefore any price negociation via the agent will be in favour of the seller? Yet the buyer pays the agent's fees? Please tell me I am not the only one feeling like this? Any agent out there who can provide a explanation to those horrendous fees?

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Hi i know its a long shot but does anyone know the approx cost of a vinyard in 21 perhaps per m2 or per acre.Thanks

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Hi, Last year I commissioned a builder to build a garage for €36,000 to be paid in 3 installments. As we live in the UK this was done by email. We agreed when each installment would become due. I paid the first €12,000 and a few weeks later he sent me a photo of the foundations. I then sent him a further €12,000 and after a few weeks he told me that the walls were now built but could he have the final payment for the roof. He told me that he would send me some photos when his camera had been repaired. I sent him the money but heard nothing more. I requested a friend to go and see what the situation was and he told me that neither the roof nor the garage doors had been fitted. Then the builder emailed me to say that he had underestimated the work and wanted another €10,000, which I have refused. What is my legal position? Does anyone know for certain? All communication was carried out by email. Does that constitute a contract in France (as it does in the UK)? Thanks for any advice.

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Hello Can anyone tell me what one of these is please,and when i need to use one?

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Has anyone had any difficulties in obtaining uk sterling from banks here.I went into mine Caisse D,epargne and was told i couldn't get any changed for 10 working days,and was looked at like i was from Mars to be told it was the uk's fault as should be in the Euro!!!

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Is everyone aware that if you only have the original,old big keys to lock your house and not the Yale type locks should you be burgled your insurance company may only pay out 50%. Some friends have just discovered this after 12 years of living here ! Apparently this applies to outbuildings as well - cadenas (padlocks) should not be used but this is impractical as most old stone outbuildings with old doors do not lend themselves to being fitted with Yale type locks. It may be worth checking with your insurance company.

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Hi Does anyone have the term for one of these chaps who come and measure parcels of land?we need one asap,but dont know the term in France.Asked a serveyor but he couldn't do it or know the name. Thanks

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Could anyone advise me as to which is the best way to recieve payment for a large transaction ie a car sale.Ive heard tht its illegal to recive large amounts of cash. Could anyone help please? thanks

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Help please - we keep having the same few people trespasse across our land. It's not a field, but our backyard and it's very upsetting. I've politely asked them not to on several different occasions. My next step is going to the police but I'm looking to find out a bit more about my rights. Is it similar to the UK, where trespassing is basically not a crime unless it's a disturbance of the peace or considered stalking? These people are basically using our yard as a short cut but we can't afford to put up a tall fence at the moment. Any advice would be great.

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Does anyone know if some friends are entitled to pay a reduced tax fonciere or habitale if their property is occupied for very little time (about 1 month in total per year)? they have returned to the UK and are no longer resident, no carte d'indentite etc. Can they apply to the marie/tresoir for a reduction or do they have to keep paying the full 12 months every year? Thanks.

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I have a friend who is a French Accountant and she is willing to help you to fill in the AE form if you don't know what to fill in etc. If you want to know more please contact me and I will give more info and her details! Tiina -50

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Hi does anybody know what the waiting time should be to recieve the carte vitale.We legally live and work here in France and pay tax and social charges.We applied for it nearly two years ago and although we have attestations which everyone seems to turn their noses up at when we produce them still no little green card.

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Hi We decided to move to France for a 3-5 year adventure (4 years ago to this month). We bought a plot of land with a farmhouse and a barn, both for total renovation, we completed both projects last year (ourselves). In the time of being here, we have lived off our own capitol. It seems that in the time that we have lived here many laws have changed regarding the various taxes on selling a property, ie; not being able to offset material and labour costs carried out by ourselves, also new TVA charges @ 19.6% for agricultural buildings being converted to liveable dwellings (this only applies to the barn convertion). Our main MISTAKE it seems, though not earning an income in France, we did not fill in a tax return each year of being here. So, all this being the case, we are not classed as residents of France although we have been here 3 years and paid our taxe Foncieres and taxe d' habitation bills. Also, we've been informed by a Notaire that in addition, we have to instruct a tax agent (more costs?) to work out our final tax costs because were selling both properties together and the price exceeds 150,000 euros (although our local Estate Agent says this is not the case). With the Notaire working it out loosely it looks like were going to have to pay just over a 100,000 euro tax bill on the sale price of 300,000 euros. We will be pleased to hear from anyone who has found themselves in a similar situation, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Just like to add, that this is our main principle home.

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Does anyone know of a website you can use to make sure that a business has a siret number,as someone was telling me yesterday that if you employ someone who isnt registered ie on the black,you get prosecuted as well.

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hi could anyone give me an idea as to how much accountants will be be for a year? i run a small 1 man building company. thanks

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Hi could anyone advice me. If you have a swimming pool with your property,does your tax habitation increase and if so by how much.(roughly) Many thanks

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Hi does anyone know how long an English cheque takes to clear in afrench account,and how much the charges are likely to be

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Good evening could anyone tell me what the official euro/Gbp exchange rate for this years tax return is or where i may find it Thanks in advance Tom

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