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hi does anyone know if everyone who claims child benifit in france are entitled to these payments.do they get paid into the bank automaticaly and when.also does anyone know how much they are? many thanks

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Hi Just wanting a bit of advice.How do people include their assets they have in france when making a will if you reside in the uk.we have a house here and a house in the uk ,and i was wondering about the inheritance laws etc in france and how they may affect a uk will. thanks

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Hi all I need to get a certified copy of my passport to open a new bank account,can anyone recommend someone that will do this.I dont know who can as there are various stipulations,maybe a notaire ?

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Could somebody explain how french income tax is calculated? We are retired (although only my wife is state pension age) and we both receive a pension from our old jobs in the UK. We have paid tax here for 3 years but it is a complete mystery how it is calculated. thanks

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hi can anyone reccomend a notaire for a friend (he needs a will writing and doesnt understand the complxities here in france)please.we are in 71 thanks

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hi Does anyone know please how things stand if you have put a house on the market with an estate agent and subsequently find a private buyer for your property?Thanks

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hi we have a client who would like to pay us using this.can anyone shed any light on this system?

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Hi does anyone have one of these,and if so which bank and what is the service and interest like? thanks

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hi looks at the moment like the pound is strenthening a little against the euro,wondered if anyone had any views on this,or perhaps what the medium term outlook could be?

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Good Morning Has anyone any experience in claiming from french insurance companies as i need to claim for some damage from last nights storm.Just wondered if it was much the same procedure as in the uk. thanks

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I'm surprised that no one has brought up what's happening with the economic climate. I am trying to sell one of my houses in Burgundy and I have had two offers fall through neither buyers could get mortgages finalized. At first I was pretty shocked that they had made offers without consulting with their mortgage advisers first but one of them explained that he had approached his bank for a loan (I understand that in France loans and mortgages are not necessarily allocated in the same way as in the US) and they had given him a somewhat positive response to his enquiries, but when it came time to actually get the paperwork going they denied him. Then the same thing happened to another potential buyer this week: denied mortgage! I've heard that France is pretty strict about giving out credit but frankly this feels like the same thing that happening all over America, people getting denied loans and mortgages for houses even though they could easily afford the repayments. I get the impression that no one is really talking about it here, amongst expats that is. As soon as I enter France it's like this financial crisis isn't hitting anyone, even though things are obviously becoming more and more financial precarious. Of course, I know feel like I'm only going to be able to sell my house to a cash buyer, who aren't exactly banging down the door. Come on guys, surely this is effecting some of you?

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We need to find someone who can help us with French tax return,financial planning of Uk assets ....everything really!!! Anyone know of a firm or person who can help?? We are both retired .

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Is anyone applying or have just started receiving the UK state pension while working and living in France.I reach UK retirement age this year and have just received the forms to fill in!!! has anyone used the eservice online method?, if any of you are self employed and pay cotts to the MSA and have been through the process could you please post or e-mail your experiences.Thanks in advance................

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hi We have recently received a form which asks us to state when we bought our house and the usual if we have furniture etc., in it. The problem is that on this form the name of the previous owner does not appear. However, the owner of the property before the last owners does. My question is: Are we likely to be liable for any taxes that the previous owner has not paid? Can anyone help? isnt life great

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hi all im retired but may be able to provide a small income here in france through various means.a friend was telling me about this new tax system.has anyone any experience of it. many thanks tom

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Good morning, we have been valiantly trying to obtain the PdC on our plot of land in Bourgogne since Nov. 2007. After many attempts on our part to move the application forward,( there are some minor areas of the design that have been rejected ) we have now been told that because the application was turned down in 2008 we have to now submit a completely fresh application. Can anyone advise us whether this is indeed the case? Regards

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What are the rules about providing proof of idea when writing a cheque? Some times I am asked for proof and sometimes not, as such I have been caught out without my ID when trying to write a cheque and have had to cancel paying for an item. Is this at the store's discretion whether or not to demand ID?

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Hi, does anyone know if French banks guarantee savings? With the recent British banking 'problems' I'm keen to make sure my money in France is save. Does anyone know what the amount is that French banks will guarantee in savings? Thanks.

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Panic!! Our taxe d'habitation got send to our UK address, which means we only just recieved it with our forwarded mail and we are already two weeks late in paying it. From what i can understnad there is a 10% fine for late payment. Does anyone know how strictly this is enforced???

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Does anyone know if it's possible to arrange a prelevement for a bill that is not in my name? I'm trying to get our phone bill to have a direct debit from my account but the bill is in my partner's name. I seem to be coming up across some stumbling blocks and I'm not sure if it's my limited French or just because it's not actually possible. I know that in the UK this can often be a problem. Thanks.

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