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I tried to change some dollars at the post office and was told that they would have to send the money to Lyon to have them verified and that it could take up to 15 days for them to be returned to me. Obviously I chose not to change them. I also went to all the banks in town and they told me same story: a high number of fake $100 bills have gotten into the system so from now on they will only change smaller bills or send your money away to be checked. Apparenlty it's the same all across France. I'm pretty shocked by this and find it really frustrating. They suggested that I change them at the airport in Paris if I didn't want to wait for the money to be sent away. Doesn't this seem a bit ridiculous?

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This Saturday, the 6th of December, is Rencontres Notariales. Notaires will be giving free legal advice on the theme of couples. There is an associated advice line (I don't have the number on hand - perhaps someone else could post it) and on-line services available. There may also be further information available here: www.notaires.fr -The soul never thinks without a picture-

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We are trying to open a bank account but as we don't live in Burgundy full time, it's proving to be a bit difficult (and the fact that we're not fluent in French). I've also been looking at the CA Britline account and the Barcalays international account. With Britline I don't really understand how the whole thing works since I understand that the local CA wouldn't actually be able to do that much for me since I would be with Britline. I'm also a little put off by Barclay's charges, conisdering we would only be using the accuont sporadically and not necessariy have that much going in and out of the account. So I suppose my question is does anyone recommend a local bank (if so any tips on how to get an account open as a British resident but who owns their house in France) or opinion on Britline or Barclays (or any other 'international' euro accounts)? Any and all would be appreciated ! :)

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Hello, Could any one offer any insights into the expected direction of the exchange rate between the pound and euro. Or perhaps if someone could recommend a site with forecasts and historical charts. I've done some research in the area but have found it a little difficult to find analysis on the rate between these to currencies because their not a trading pair. I've read that there is a feeling that the pound will weaken in the medium/long term against the euro, but would like to confirm this before changing any significant amounts of money (for some renovation projects). Obviously such predictions are always difficult and are exacerbated by the current financial climate! Many thanks

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Hi, Can anyone make a recommendation or offer any advice on how to make regular currency transfers and/or a company which deals with such things on one's behalf? Many thanks

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If I am an American citizen and marry a British man, do I need a visa to move to France with him? If we live in England first, where I become a resident, then move to France, do I need a visa for France then? Thanks! Southern Belle

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Please can someone offer advice or the name of a solicitor for divorce. The odds seem stacked against me and I have lost round 1 through bad legal representation- they did nothing! I now have 2wks to act and I haven't got a clue. I have a new solicitor who is never available and I,m very worried. My husband is French and very clever. I am near Beaune, but anything within 200km radius is ok

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