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Hi all, Does anyone know the definitive dates for hunting season in Burgundy? And if so, what are they? Many thanks

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Hi all,  A charge of roundabout 20 Euros has been taken from my Credit Agricole account for something called Frais de tenue de compte and Abonn Cael Bourse Anyone know what these charges relate to? Thanks

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Hi anyone recommend an English speaking Notaire in 71 pref near Louhans? Many thanks

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Has anyone recently looked at opening a savings account at a bank in Burgundy?  What sort of interest rates have you found, or any good offers? Thanks for any help!

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Hi is this possible? anyone tried it or done it successfully? Thanks for any help!

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Hi anyone renewed their passports from France recently since the change? if so how long roughly was the wait? Thanks, just about to do ours;

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Hi anyonre know at what age a child should have their own carte Vitale? I ask as our doctor sais my daughter should have own, but both kids are on mine? a lil confusing, do they get sent one auto matically? Thanks

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Hi can anyone help or know where i can find out: Someones just told me that as the local farmer cuts our field free of charge, we get some hay as does he as the deal, after a certain period of time he will acquire the rights to the land? is this true? Thanks for any help or advice

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Hi could anyone tell me if there are any other official bodies a gite must be registered? We have it registered as a lgitimate business with the tax office already. Thanks

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Anyone know the laws for how you keep you garden??  We have a neighbour and the garden is such a mess, the grass and weeds are nearly 3ft high and it is edging its way into our garden. Any help would be appreciated.  Don't mention going to the Marie, they are not very helpful!! Thanks

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We are buying house in Nievre and while contacted by notary from the previous house owner ,she asked me to provide her with my own notary or lawyer in Canada (where we reside). Is that necessary? I thought you only need one notary who takes care of everything? I don't see a point having to pay a notary in Canada as the laws are completely different between these two countries, so i really don't see a benefit from that...any suggestions on what should i reply? Thanks:))

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Hi anyone know anything about a new renovation grant from the French government or where i can find any information about this? Thanks

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We recently bought a home last year in the Southern Morvan in Burgundy with lovely rural views from the north east round to the south west. When we arrived to sign finally we found a barn has been erected in the field next door and the footings for a building being built also. This has developed into a large finished two storey property which has blocked most of our views. A plot of land in a field has obviously been sold by a farmer. At the signing the Notaire said he had done a search and no buildings were being built to spoil our purchase. Can we go to the local tax office with pictures taken in May when we went to view the property and photos now and ask for a reduction in the Tax Habitation which i believe includes the outlook and views the property has? or what can be done at the notaires office? Any advice appreciated!

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Did anybody hear the news over Christmas that UK pensioners receiving pension credit are to get an immediate rebate on their electricity bills.  The Dept of Work & Pensions is to let energy companies know who is on the list so that they will get the rebate on their next bill.  I think this is a possible trial run by the DWP. The DWP would pay the UK energy companies and they would pass it on directly to pensioners resident in the UK through their fuel bills.  This ensures that only pensioners on pension credit and living in the UK will get any benefit.  It keeps UK voters happy and cuts expats like us out of the equation. Have I understood this correctly? 

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Hi have the Auto Entrepreneur percentage charges increased for the New Year? Thanks

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Hi anyone know what the minimum wage is in France as our son is thinking of an appreticeship which offers 80% of the minimum wage, but he didnt ask how much this was. Thanks

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Hello, I have excess stock of an overproduction of good quality 750 ml wine bottles. There are 30,000 bottles at a good price and I am looking for a good clearance company based in France. I would appreciate any recommendations and help. Thank you very much! Greg

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Hi to all! As we want to sell our holiday home in Burgundy, if we installed new fosse beforehand, would this bill reduce our capital gains tax bill on the sale? Thanks for any advice.

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Does anyone Know where to download the Winter Fuel Allowance forms, please? I've looked through the "Connexion", but can't find the website address. Apparently , ex. pats are now entitled to receive this annual allowance. Thanks

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Hi has anyone applied for a passport renewal under the new system yet? If so how long was the wait and is anything to be done different? Thanks

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