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I am pleased to be able to share the news that ex pat pensioners will be given the UK winter fuel allowance of £200. There was conflicting information on forums as to whether it had to be claimed, but I rang the Newcastle office and was told it would automatically paid to pensioners via their bank accounts in the autumn. Read this morning that gas prices will be rising this winter here in France, so that makes the news about the allowance even more welcome.

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Hi we have some visitors to our gite at the moment who have turned up with AMEX Travellers cheques. They arrived on Saturday and couldn't find anywhere to cash them. We had a similar problem last year as they are asking me where will be able to cash them. Does anyone know of anywhere in the Dijon, Beaune areas that will change them? We tried la poste this morning who don't! Thanks

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Does anyone know the age at which free television licence applies and how to obtain it here in France.

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Hello, I have worked for the same company for 2 years as AE, they determine my hourly rate and I use all of their equipment to do the job.I have asked for a contract and am told they can't justify it.They produce a staff manual for all of us on the AE system, it says STAFF MANUAL but we are not STAFFThe business runs a restaurant and bar, with inhouse catering, neither are declared and no checks are ever done.There is so much more I could say about the business but really want to know your views.I'd love to leave but work is a rareity here isnt it?Thanks for your views, Sam

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Do you think someone should tell them..............

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Hi, Can anyone explain what capital gain is regarding selling a property as have read up but want it put into simple terms as really worried about this and want to make sense of it all.. Thanks

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Hi does anyone know if the tourist tax is in force in Burgundy? Apparantly its departmental but ive never heard of it before. Thanks

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Does anybody have experience of being paid by this system??? if so, please could I have some information, i.e. is it a set rate of pay ? what deductions are made? Thank you for any help.Jan

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Hi does anyone else pay EDF bills by direct debit. Just noticed theyve been charging me €2.60 for what i thought was a free service. I found this charge where everything is itemised. After calling the English helpline it was explained that the payment date i chose was 14 days after the bill arriving hence the charge! I told her that i didnt pick a date and they could take out when they want!

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hi we have a 6 bedroom B&B In Southern Burgundy and can anyone tell me if i have to pay tax habitation on all of the property or just the part i live in as my french Friend advised me to declare only my living area and not the whole house as i will pay a seperate tax for this? What do other B&B owners do? Thanks

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Does anyone know if you need planning permission to place an average sized greenhouse in your garden?

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Looks like life is going to get more expensive - as if it hasn't already. The man with the platform shoes will announce on Sunday whether there will be an increase in TVA from 19.6% to 21.6%. This would be to recoup the money lost on reducing social charges to employers.Since there are few things that escape TVA in France it will be an instant big increase for everyone. 2% more added but this will mean in reality paying 10% more TVA.Since they're planning increasing electricty costs by 30% over the next 4 years this extra tax added on top of these increases will not be very pleasant for many. Of course just one example where TVA will bite.Sorry for passing on the bad news - is there anything that ever gets cheaper during this crisis?

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Looking for a guide price for a piece of land adjacent to our property near Cluny, it is approx. 3500 sq.m and is scrub land at the moment, cannot be grazed as its too small, and cannot be built on, but we may be able to put a small extension on to our house on it, looking for some idea of what to offer for it. Thanks for any info!

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I would like to pay EDF and phone line (France Telecom) online. Anyone else paying by this method, is it easy to set up please? Thanks.

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we have a 2nd holiday home and just paid our council tax bill but we noticed that there seemed to be a discount based on the number of people who lived in a property and also if anyone was disabled then there would be additional discount. just wondering if this was true?

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My builder tells me the rate increases from 5.5 to 7 per cent on January 1. No problem but he claims that his invoice dated December has to be paid before end of December as a payment in January will incur the increased IVA. Is this correct ?

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Hi just got a new mobile on contract and orange are wanting me to send one of these for €0. Does anyone know what it is? Some kind of cheque i think. Thanks

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Hi all, My neighbour was telling me last night over dinner that a new law is coming in early next year where by the carrying of this kit will be compulsary in cars to deter drink driving related accidents. Has anyone else heard this? regards j

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Hi our French neighbour has told us on a number of times to stop making noise after 6pm (This apparently includes grass cutting and building works etc). We went to our notaire on an unrelated matter yesterday and the lady we saw said that was stupid because you can do work up to 10pm. We also asked the marie who said approx 7.30pm. I'd love to know who could be right? Thanks

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Hi Do we need permission to make my driveway wider by removing a tree from my front hedge and so leave enough room to gravel the area to make the drive wide enough to get a caravan onto my property? Thanks for any help..

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