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i know it varies from property to property and location etc etc but interested to hear rough estimates from large property owners e.g.properties with 4000sq ft and more in terms of what your tax d'habitation and fonciere are.

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After months and months of being on the market, our UK house remains unsold. We're going to rent it out using an agency management package.What are the tax implications? Who do we 'declare' to? We are fully resident in France and pay taxes here. many thanks for any info

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Please please be properly advised!Be advised! Using a Foreign Car in France It is not obligatory to register a foreign vehicle in France unless the owner is resident in France. A resident is someone who is domiciled in France for more than six months (183 days) per year, who is employed in France, or has made a recognised and deemed permanent move toward residency in France (ie has no domicile in the country of origin, severed other ties with that country that indicate an intention to leave it with permanence). Under EU law, a private vehicle may be temporarily imported and used on French roads for up to six months in any 12 month period. The vehicle must be re-registered in France if it is owned and used by a resident of France. It is against the law for the resident of an EU country, whilst in that country, of residence to drive any vehicle registered in another EU country. So a person who is a resident of France may only drive a French-registered car while they are in France (with the exception of cross-border workers). An EU-registered vehicle must satisfy the legal road worthiness requirements of its country of registration to be legal to drive elsewhere in the EU. There will be some canteen lawyers who will try to add or detract from this I have no doubt, I can only say that I have practiced law for over thirty years and the above is my understanding of the agreed EU regulations. There seems to be some misunderstanding as to what qualifies a person to be classified as a French resident - the legal standpoint, in my experience, is that even if you have only been in France for one week, if your intention is to be a permanent resident and you have made efforts to that end (selling your UK home, terminating tax responsibilities, etc)then you are deemed to be a resident of France per se. From that point you must register your UK vehicle in France. It is also to be noted that you will nullify your UK car insurance and MOT the moment you enter France with the intention of being a permanent resident (unless you have made provision with your insurers beforehand) The 183 day (6 month) limit has been set to deal with people who spend lengthy periods in more than one country and abuse different legislation to avoid various local taxes. The UK road tax is a perfect example, a French registered vehicle owned by a UK resident pays no road tax in the UK, that person may only actually spend a very small period of time in France, therefore the Law states if that person spends more than 183 days in the UK then they are deemed to be a UK resident and the vehicle should be on UK plates and paying UK road tax, not hiding that responsibility in France - and that 183 days need not be continuous but in total. The same applies for UK persons now resident in France who fail to get a CT, French insurance and a Carte Grise for their UK vehicles - should they be involved in a serious accident, or God forbid a fatal accident, and the authorities can prove residency then be assured lengthy prison sentences will ultimately follow (and residency can be proved by obtaining details of services paid for, EDF, France telecom, bank account details, Tax Foncier/Habitat etc.) Sounds awful but the law is the law and is designed to protect the general populace of each EU country.

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I have been resident here with my wife for 4 years and registered for, and paid, tax on our incomes, two state pensions, two pensions for 'government service' (taxed in UK) and two private sector pensions. I have always included a copy of my E121 and used the format recommended in Connexion 'Je crois que les pensions sont non assujetti au CRDS, exonéré par les E121.' No social charges have been demanded. For the first time I have just received an Avis d'imposition prélèvements sociaux 2011. This is demanding 0.5% of all our income for Contribution pour le remboursement de la dette sociale to be paid in November. On questioning this at the Centre Finances Publique I was told that as we have medical cover through CPAM with our attestations and cartes vitales we are in the social security system and have to pay. Have any other UK state pensioners had similar demands? Can anyone point me to French documents that clarify the system. Note 17 of tax form 2047K does not help.

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We have a B & B just two letting rooms, we have just had a demand for taxe de sejour, we really don't have a clue whether we are liable to pay this. We don't have a clue how much the taxe de sejour is in our commune, can anyone shed any light on this subject. They have given us 10 days to pay up, this is the first we have heard from them. A little confused!!!

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We recently had a flood which caused a great deal of damage. The insurance company, came out swiftly, but then told us that because they hadn't processed the paperwork in July we were not insured, BUT that they would sort it out. They also said that they had made a mistake with the initial premium and it should have been, in effect, double the quote, but again they would honour the original quote. They were good to their word and we were paid for our losses and it looks like our premium for the rest of the year will be 20€ or so per month. We have recieved in the last few days a contract that we need to sign and return saying that, if i read it correctly, that on the date d'echeance (1st jan 2012) our premium will rise by around 350%! From around 250 euros per year to 850 euros per year. I'm still within the time to invoke "Loi Chatel" but wanted to know if this was standard practice by way of recouping monies paid out. I also understand i can cancel 2/3 months before the date d'echeance, so plenty of time to get a new quote. Thanks for any help or advice.

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Hi does anyone know where i can find information on the recent changes to the French capital gains tax. Ive tried my local Tax office in Burgundy but got the gaellic shrug again! Thanks

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My husband has been sent a cheque which is in UK Sterling but he does not have a UK bank account and cannot open one without a UK address! So, unless there are any banks here who will change it, it is worthless. We bank with CA and they don't accept Sterling cheques. Does anyone know of any banks that do?? Or anywhere else that we could change it?? We welcome your suggestions.

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As the great day is fast approaching, I have received recently from The Pension Service in the UK an information sheet which is far from clear. It is "suggested" that if you expect to receive a French pension of any size whatsoever, it is through the French system that one claims the British pension. I have paid cotisations here for 3 years, which might generate 1€ ! Has anyone any experience and wisdom to offer on this please ? Many thanks

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Hi can anyone tell me how this works with regards to employing someone? Many thanks

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We know this is as 'long as bit of string' but what would you say your outgoings are on food and day to day living?? were trying to estimate along the lines of what we spend on visits and long holidays over to our house in Burgundy but of course don't know/haven't worked out the best place for bargains etc.... what are your top tips??? friends have given us ideas but any input would be gratefully received.Thanks

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Been looking into renewing passports and found the cost ridiculous if you use the Paris office. Contacted HM Gov yesterday to check if it can be done "normally" in UK from the original address occupied by a relative. Seems that this is an officially acceptable procedure! Has anyone else renewed passports this way?

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Hi we moved to France from UK last year and although my wife and I have organised our S1's and Carte Vitales (eventually) we are not certain if we have to make exactly the same application for our 17 year old son. Our son has come straight from education and has never been employed in the UK or anywhere. Any help would be much appreciated.

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We have just received a very large tax request payable at very short notice 31/10/2011 for Tax locale d'equipment. It is linked to our planning permission. Does anyone know if this a one off payment. Sue

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Hi Ive been told that i need a certified copy of my daughters passport for university purposes. Does anyone know the best place to get this done? Thanks

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Have had a note from a friend in the UK who read that if, as an ex-pat in France, your UK pension is not as much as a French State pension then the French authorities would make up the difference. Anyone any information on this?

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A large global insurance company has refused to let me cancel my insurance with them. I want to cancel because their service is dreadful and they never reply to e-mails unless you are buying something.However they never send me an annual renewal notice, which I believe by law (Loi Chatel) of August 2005) they should send. I know that two months written and registered notice to cancel must be given by the customer but my agent declined to answer my e-mails asking for the annual renewal notice until I was past the two month deadline. Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas?

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Does any one know how one stands if you have a property with land for sale regarding SAFER the agricultural dept? It seems that they are buying up the whole countryside even land with habitation property on just to get their hands on the land. Do you have to give them first refusal or can you sell to who ever you want? I appreciate any help in trying to understand how this works. Thanks

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Hi looking for advice again! Now we are fully integrated into the French healthcare system it has just occurred to me that I may not be covered healthwise when returning to visit family in the UK. Is there an equivalent from to the E111 that I should take with me when I go - if so what is it and where do I get it from please. Thanks

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Great news! See attached link to read that the proposed tax that has been discussed for second homeowners has been dropped. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/...ance.html

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