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Hi does anyone know the date for this years tax return? Thanks

started by: norsmith · last update: 1304008050 · posted: 1303915525

I would like to become a micro-entrepreneur, do I have to declare my takings on my tax form, if so where do I declare it, and do I deduct my outgoings from my takings beforehand. I am very confused. Can I get any information anywhere regarding this subject?? Any info would be appreciated.

started by: Dirk Diggler-461963 · last update: 1303221052 · posted: 1299753885

HelloCan anyone suggest what would be a fair hourly rate to pay someone for mowing (labour only) and basic care-taking (checking mail, looking over house occasionally etc.)?Thanks.

started by: Tom-460251 · last update: 1302519431 · posted: 1300213912

After feeling like ive been left high and dry by CA Bourgogne as their English speaking account manager left and not replaced ( was informed via Email!!!) does anyone have a bank in Burgundy who offer an English speaking account manager? Thanks

started by: JMW-461690 · last update: 1298449968 · posted: 1298397551

Hi Can anyone tell me where I can change euros for dollars please? I have asked at my Credit Agricole bank, but I would like to shop around a bit for the best rates. I have looked at some on-line sites, but they only seem to exchange sterling for dollars.I am in the Nievre region.ThanksJMW

started by: RWM-462244 · last update: 1297088588 · posted: 1296992941

I'm currently working as an Independent Financial Adviser and a Partner for St James Place Wealth Management in the South Of France and considering setting up an Office in the area and wanted to gather comments form local residents.Primarily and not restrictive, the business would be assisting with :MortgagesEquity Release loansBuy-letInvestment planning including Portfolio ManagementAssurance Vie contractsRetirement Planning including moving UK pensions overseasGeneral Insurance including Health Care If you are interested in a truly Independent Service to help with your Financial affairs and not just the follow the standard offerig from local banks, please show your support for this service by sending a short reply.Many thanks,RWM

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Does anyone know roughly how much a Notaire charges to do a Clause Tontine please? The secretary wouldn't even give me as much as a ball park figure. Thanks for any information in advance

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Wow nice surprise this morning when i transferred euros. Managed to get 1.20 first time in ages hope the trend continues and doesnt plummet again!

started by: richard21-461445 · last update: 1294141174 · posted: 1293101011

Hello, I wondered if anyone had any recommendations, or otherwise, for banks offering a service for business purposes? I'm thinking about moving our business account (I'm not going say from where) and would appreciate any thoughts/experiences.many thanks

started by: ali bongo-461715 · last update: 1294046760 · posted: 1293989298

Hi fifi, got your mail but cant reply for some reason. Firstrate Fx have a great account manager actually in France who will be able to offer specific advice a lot better than me, but i cant recommend their services enough compared to others ive used (Im not on commision!). Her Tel number is 02 31 31 50 23 or email is judym@firstratefx.com Hope this helps

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Does anyone have a definative answer to this? The more people i talk to, the more confused i get due to the conflicting answers. Any help appreciated.

started by: Maxine Brown · last update: 1292583862 · posted: 1292413301

We have heard that from 2012 in France new regulations will apply to cafes etc regarding the availability of disabled toilet facilities. We have a small tea shop, max 20 seated and currently have toilet facilities upstairs. Does anyone have any further information on how this may affect us. Thanks

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Hi, do any of you bright sparks have an idea of where the bureau de change is in Dijon? Or any others in Burgundy, yipeee! NB: only want to exchange around a hundred or so pounds.

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Hi does anyone out there know what the threshold for the AE scheme is? Thanks

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Just a word of warning, I (& 3 other couples I know) have been caught by the same problem, the Centre des Impots has sent the demands to a previous address (in 3 cases, UK addresses, in 1 rented accommodation in France). Without a doubt we all missed a trick somewhere, although who knows what since we have all been to the Centre des Impots & completed several forms. Anyway, we haven't had our demands, and would probably have sat here 'fat, dumb and happy' thinking they came later in the year - thereby missing the deadline for payment. Thought I'd post this as a word of warning - if you haven't had it, give them a ring!!

started by: Jenny58 · last update: 1288268110 · posted: 1288263700

Has anyone got these bills yet as ive not recieved them yet. I think they need paying before the end of November?

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Hi, Does anyone know if it a legal requirement to have hard wired (battery back-up) smoke detectors fitted in a rental property? Thank you

started by: norsmith · last update: 1286281841 · posted: 1286205480

Can you opt out of the auto-entrepreneur scheme. Any info would be appreciated.

started by: Jenny58 · last update: 1286215558 · posted: 1283360762

Could someone tell me please: Are we required by law to carry our Passports with us at all times? as weve friends who isist on doing this as they say its the law?

started by: Tom-460251 · last update: 1284231436 · posted: 1267826269

Can anyone recommend a notaire or lawyer to sort out the complex inheritance issues that exist in France. Ive had preliminary discussions but it seems on my death my estate goes to my children bypassing my partner. Can this be altered without it altering complex tax issues? Thanks

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