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Hi to all, I was wondering if anyone knows what they call it when you want to leave your assets to your partner on ones death.There is a clause you can put in the will stating this. Thanks for any info.

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If a tree falls on common land is it OK to gather the wood to burn?

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Does anyone know if there is a legal body I can complain to about unprofessional behaviour by an estate agent? Weve had the most dreadful experience. Thanks for any info

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Hi, Can anybody say whether tv is included in tax habitation, and is it payable by persons over 60? Thanks

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Has anyone ordered stirling from CA? i have enquired and was told it took 10 days to order it and it would cost 6 euors. Is this pretty much the same for all banks as 10 days seems a long time?

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Hi, can anyone help. I am trying to pay my Orange internet invoice and as I do not yet have a bank account I am using their website to pay by credit card. However, no matter how many times I try the "payer en ligne" button just goes to a blank page every time. The man on the Orange English speaking help line was useless and told me they only accept French credit cards!! Has anyone else had this problem, as my cards got the visa sign on it i thought it would be ok??? Thanks

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We began renting our current property in France while we were still working in the UK but last summer we packed up work and moved out here permanently. We are not intending to work in France, most of our investments are still outside France and although we believe we are now resident in France for tax purposes we have not been here long enough to have made a French tax return yet.It seems that, intentionally or otherwise, the introduction of the new GRL (insurance policy to protect landlords against unpaid rent) now makes it impossible for us to rent another property in France unless it is "particulier-à-particulier". All the letting agencies now insist on a GRL if you have no permanent contract of employment, and we have been told that we cannot get a GRL because we do not have any income in France.Merci M. Sarkozy.

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Hi, is it acceptable to accept a cheque when selling items privately for instance a car, i know in the UK we insist on bankers drafts. Thanks for any help.

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Hi can anyone shed any light on if gites need to be registered with the mayors office or not. I ask as a friend was telling me that its a new law and non compliance will cost €450. Does anyone know if this is true and if theres a cost involved. Thanks

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A friend of mine who works for a major bank was telling me to be on the lookout for a large batch of forged euros in circulation in Burgundy and other areas of France. Check the watermarks in he 20's and 50's. If in doubt don't accept the notes!!!

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The Euros looking a little perkier at the moment holding at around 1.20. With all the financial uncertainty it seems a little strange. Does anyone think this indicates the shoots of recovery or just a peak in a trough!

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Hi does anyone know which types of guns need registering in France as i wish to purchase one to try and keep the Coypu population on my land to a minimum. Many thanks

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We brought a house in the Morvan in 2006 and took out house insurance with the bank who gave us our mortgage. All was well until last December when we were broken into and the bank stated that on their records the property was our premier residence but all of our bank statement were sent to our address in England and at no time did we state we were permanently living in France. They refused to pay our claim due to the fact that we were out of the country over 91 days. Our friends who also have a house in France have a holiday home insurance with the same premium costs that we pay with no stipulation of how many days they are allowed out of France. Has anyone had the same problem? Thanks

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Can anyone shed any light on this situation:- I bought an item of clothing from a shop which was advertising Liquidation total. It was for my son. The item did not fit him so I had to take it back. They said that they could not refund my money, although I still had the receipt and it was the next day. He did look for something else, but there was nothing to be had. I insisted on a refund, but they said that it was the law in France that if you buy anything from a shop that states total liquidation that you do not get any refund or even they are not obliged to change it. There were no signs to this effect, and I was not told by the assistance when I purchased the item. Is this correct?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi , does anyone know of the complaints proceedure to orange / Ft. Ive tried calling and even been into the branch to no avail.. Perhaps someone has had more luck?

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Hi, Ive lost the paper part to my Uk liscence is it possible to get a replacement from the DVLA as i Live in France?

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Does anyone know of a website that offers comparisons and prices for car insurance in France? I have the 'Sante' comparison site and wondered if there were others for car, property, etc

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Does anyone know the rule regarding the capital gains tax when selling a barn conversion ? I believe that there are special conditions but i'm not sure what so if anyone can point me in the right direction or advise me then i'd be very greatful. Thanks

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Hi, Wonder if anyone can tell us how long it takes to get a decision on a French mortgage? We have been waiting two weeks for approval from Barclays France. I know we are eligible but they just keep saying they are still looking into the case. I know in the UK I can have approval within hours of producing all required documentation but was told a Euro mortgage would be cheaper. Is it normal to wait so long? Just wondered...

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Is there any way of finding out if a tradesman is registered on this scheme or not. Many thanks

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