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Hi all, we have been living but not working in France for nearly a year now and am now wondering whether we will be sent a tax return or do we have to go and get one from the hotel des impots. Surely if it is imperative to fill one in every resident in France should be sent one or is that just me using common sense when it comes to bureaucracy ! Also our tax return would be based on what we earnt in England in the first half of last year which we have already paid tax on and was obviously in stirling how would we fill that in on the form. Thanks for any infotmation

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Hi, Does anyone happen to know which exchange rate to use on the 2009 French tax forms. Thanks for any information

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Hello. I've heard that installing additional bathrooms or toilets increases the amount of tax d'habitation that you have to pay. Does anyone know if this is true and if so, how much extra does it add on to the annual bill?Thanks

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Hi,just got this months quaterly declaration form, but i havnt made any profits to declare so my question is what do i put on the form? Thanks for any information.

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Anyone recommend a professional (acountant? here is a..............) to help fill in /file this year's tax form? Thanks for any information

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Advice for a friend please. They have their eye on a house near us but want to get a french mortgage if it is possible (cheaper interest rate I believe). Although they both still work in the UK. Does anybody know if this is possible. Many thanks in advance

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Hi, could anyone recommend a currency exchange company for a regular long exchange contract for my Uk private pension as the company im using at the moment seem to not want my business as the service is so poor. Any help appreciated. Thanks

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Hi, Can anyone recommend a translation service as im getting inundated with French Paperwork and the one i normally use has just left France.

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Could anyone tell me how much the notaires fees are on a house sale will be, is it a flat rate? thx for any info

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Hello, I know that the person who owns the house on the 1st of Jan of that year is liable for the Fonciere, whats the system for who pays the habitation tax if say you dont move in until the May of the year in Question? Thanks

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Hi, am i the only one that this has happened to.We arrived in france 3 and a half years ago, we have a family and have been in the system paying taxes and social charges on our earnings and recieving child benefit etc.The only piece of this jigsaw are the carte vitales. After all this time we still only have attastations which last for 6 months of which our latest ones have run out so ram say they are sending new ones which arrive about a month late.Every time we present the said attastations at doctors or chemists etc its always a problem!!! how long did everyone else have to wait for theirs???? Thanks

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Hi, how do you find out the exchange rate the french authorities use for the 2009 tax returns. Ive asked at my local impots office and even they dont know!!!

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Has anybody got any recommendations for an English speaking accountant to help with a new business creation and to explain tax issues here. thanks

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Does anyone use a good reliable English- speaking insurance company, if so could you please share with me as im at my wits end with mine!!! Thanks

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The insurance for our gite and house is due for renewal soon and im not overly impressed with the quote as it seems to have gone up considarably from last year although weve never claimed anything. Has anyone any recommendations for an English speaking agent maybe locally as ive used a large national one before Thanks

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I understand that women working in France are normally given a social security number that starts with a 2 (men with a 1) but I have been given something that starts with a 6. Does anybody please know the reason why this should be?

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Hi everyone - my query poss seems silly but I'm confused which SS number to use. CPAM initially issued an Attestation in my husband's name but covering me as I was only eligible under his E106. (after 18mths !!) I've just noticed the Carte Vitales quote different SS nos. That on my husband's card matches the Attestation but mine is totally different. I do know the 15 digits are made up of gender/dob/nationality etc etc. I'm currently making an Auto Entrepreneur registration and wonder which SS number to quote. I thought that one SS number only was issued per household - not individuals as in UK. I picked up the anomaly when scanning in my ID docs ! Would appreciate anyone's comments, many thanks.

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Has anybody else had problems with paying for on line orders at m&s, no matter how itry they wont accept my French Debit card. ive triple checked all the details and close to pulling my hair out as ive ordered from other stores in the uk without a hitch for more money. Any one any tips!!!!

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Hi ,Is it possible to pay your French telecom/Orange bill online by Credit Card? Thanks

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Hi all, still a little green im afraid so could somebody explain to me if something is advertised as € TTC does this mean tax has to be added or included, and what is the amount of tax or vat. Thanks in advance

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