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Has anybody any experiences with either buying or selling a property through a Notaire.I notice a lot of French use their services as opose to Estate agents and i wonder if their fees are lower? Thanks

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Im wanting some legal advice pretty sharpish but im a little confused as to who i need to make an appointment with.I Notice that there are Avocat's, Notaires and Hussiers.Could anyone tell me the differences between them all. Thanks

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Hi does anybody know if ursaaf have ann English speaking helpline and secondly whats the difference between these and RSI Thanks

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Hi, some friends of ours are renting a house near us and the landlord has charged them a large security deposit which he is holding in a bank account until they leave.Since handing this over theyve read that legally the max deposit a landlord can recieve is 1 months rent.Can anyone else confirm this, and are they within their rights to ask for this back?

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Hi Ive been told that it is possible to get a 200 euro payment towards the cost of central heating fuel - how does one do this and where can I get information on other potential benefits. When one of the members of a household is in receipt of a pension (woman at 60) does this mean that the television part of the tax d'habitation no longer has to be paid? Also does the household get reduced tax? I cannot seem to find any information on this subject and would like some guidance on where to search please. Thanks

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Hi Just recieved our tax habitation bill with a whopping 118€ for the television tax.We only have english telly and its impossible for us to recieve french television so is there any way round this as it seems we are getting taxed for somthing a lot of people dont use or are unable to access anyway.Rant over!!!!

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On the subject of this tax, does anybody know how its worked out as ours seems to have gone up by 35% this year,we live in the same house as last year!!!!!!

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Hi Does anyone know what fees are involved when selling a house privately with no immobilier?Thanks

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Ive just recently found a quantity of old francs in a sideboard in the barn.How do i go about changing them into € if i can at all? Thanks

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Hello After we completed on our house around 3 months ago, we still havn't recieved our deeds to our property.Ive rung the estate agent and notaire(although he doesn't speak English so a bit lost there) and they tell me to wait.Could anyone explain how long this takes as i would like proof of me owning my own house! Thanks

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Cany anybody explain to me why the pound seems to be in Freefall again as i thought all the experts were saying last month that seeds of recovery were been sown.This is worrying for me and my uk pension!!!

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Hi to all I recently signed up to the AE scheme and shortly afterwards recieved what looked very much like a bill from 118 for 267€ for advertising on their website etc. Idid not want this and as it had my siret number on it, it looked very official with the tear off bit to include with the payment.Has anyone else recieved one of these? Just to warn people who may just pay it without looking in to it.

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Good evening Has anybody any suggestions for a Brit speaking accountant near or around 21, but willing to travel further as i need some advice on the tax issues here. Thanks

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Would anybody be able to recommend a bank or branch in or around Southern Burgundy who have English-speakers Many thanks

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Hi. I am thinking of selling my half of a french property to my wife for cash--- has anyone done this --if so what are the notaires costs--. This is simply a financial arrangement --not a divorce. Thank you

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Has anybody any experience with the chamber of commerce in Dijon.As my French isn't up to much i wondered if they had any English-speakers there. Many thanks

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Hi does anyone know when you are supposed to recieve this bill as ive not got mine yet.Also when must it be paid by as i think they fine you for late payment. Thanks

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Has anyone recieved emails wanting to book gites or B&B's from african states?I got two last week from groups of people wanting to book my gite for over 2 months.Sounds tempting but got worried when they said they needed all my bank details and personal info to pay me.Sounds very dodgy

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Im a little confused ive just got the kids enrolled in school and filled in the mountain of forms correctly ish,but now they are wanting proof of income for the past two years.ive no problem giving them this i just cant think why they would need it as now im not working as much it doesnt seem relavent anyway!!!! Thanks for any help

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Hi Does anyone know how this tax is worked out?.Is it calculated on the size of your house or your main income.The reason i ask is that our bill has arrived which has gone up by 110€ to around 560€.We live in a very small commune where a friends almost identical house has a bill less than half of ours.We have a small income similar to our friends gite earnings. Does anyone know how this is calculated?

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