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Has anyone else had difficulty in doing this.I need to cancel a DD i took out but the bank in question says that this cant be done by anyone other than the company or person who recieve this!!!!The company in question keep taking money out even though ive written and phoned

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Hi,Does anyone know of a local English speaking insurance office in Burgundy as some of my poicies need renewing thanks

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Could someone please let me know if this is an easy, effective way of paying for a gardener/ handyman thanks

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Hi - can anybody give me an indication as to how much I should pay somebody to do change overs for me on a 6 bedroomed house? Thanks

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What's a decent salary to be expecting from an employer in France? I do realise that in this current financial climate any offer is a good offer but, I had an interview and have now received an offer which is the lowest out of the stated 20000 - 25000 euros per annum.Obviously I won't be accepting the first offer but what do people think would a decent offer?Has anyone any experience in working for a french emplyer?

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Is there anyone out there who can tell me if there is an equivalent to the Citizens Advise Bureau in France, or some social advise centre, that I can go to for some advise regarding Assedic. I speak a little French but am having difficulty understanding the procedure

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Hi We are about to start under this new tax and social security regime and would love to hear peoples views on it seen as its been going a few months now. Thanks

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Our new property has an existing pool, however we need to ensure that we meet the legislative requirements regarding safety. What on earth do I need to do? I am already very confused between alarms, covers and fences. Some shared experience would be extremely welcome

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Hi A friend of mine has just got separated from her OH. Which should she be seeing legal wise, a notaire or an Advocat ? Many thanks

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Could anyone explain to me what exactley the role of the immobilier is,and what exactley they do for the buyer to justify their 7% cut.I was intrested in a house until i was told by the immobilier hat i needed to pay a land surveyor to tell me how much land came with the house.He was horrified when i suggested he should pay or at the very least come out of his fees??? im at a loss

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We are having problems with our architect. We were informed in September by his assistant that our planning permission had been submitted; subsequently we have found out that this is not the case. His assistant is no longer with him We cannot contact him - he will not answer emails, his office is almost permanently closed and he does not answer the phone. We managed to contact him once and he is insisting that the balance of his account is paid before he submits our dossier; however we are unwilling to do so until we find out where we stand. We have builders waiting to start work, but until we are granted planning permission we cannot do anything. Can anybody suggest a solicitor - or other mediator - who can sort this out for us? Many thanks

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Do you need permission to dig a duckpond and put up a duck house in your garden? I've decided I want to get ducks, but I don't want to do it if I have to put in for planning permission for the duck house and pool security for the pond and so on. The garden is big and there are no neighbours to be troubled Thanks

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How much notice do you need to give to cancel an insurance policy in FranceI have my house insured with AXA and also my car thanks in advance for any comments.

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Can someone help please - bought a house here in October 06 and have a regular influx of paperwork ,some of which we manage to interpret and some we dont but the latest is beyond me. A form marked DECLARATION Modele H1 dropped through our UK door with a covering letter ; it carries the title IMPOTS LOCAUX and is stamped from the "Centre des Impots Foncier" . It is a 4 page document in a fetching shade of blue and white , looks really official but thats as much as I can grasp. Are we in trouble already for drinking too much wine or do I attempt to fill it in and hope to give the correct answers. Anyone recognise the description and can offer help we will be really gratefull Thanks

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HM Customs and Excise after much deliberating have decided that "Yes" I was employed when I lived in England but due to the role I was in, I was responsible for paying my own tax and as such, they've presented me with a huge tax bill I can't pay. I've made an offer to pay so much per month which they've said is not acceptable and although I have the opportunity of further appeal, they keep threatening handing my case over to the French Authorities. Does anyone know what would happen if this were to be done? It's really quite worrying!

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Hi,after finding a foot long piece of plastic in a well known supermarket's chain washed salad i wondered if it was worth complaining as id heard that french customer satisfaction just doesn't exist.Do they offer money off or vouchers etc ?

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Hi does anyone know of an English-speaking accountant,Thanks

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Hi, Has anyone found a solution to the UK residency requirement for opening a bank/building society account in the UK?I'm a British citizen and used to have a Barclay's account until they told me I that, as a non-UK resident I needed to move my account to Jersey (their "international branch"). To cut a long story short, the Jersey service was poor and the last straw came with the announcement that, to "enhance their service", they would be charging £40 if the balance dipped below £2000!! I closed the account, as my main account is in France anyway. But with children in the UK etc. it would be SO useful to have an account over there, even with a building society, etc.Any suggestions would be very welcome!

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Could anyone tell me if its ilegal in France to make lots of noise on a sunday,ie things like heavy garden machinery compressors etc.Many thanks

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We are contemplating a move to the Morvan but are concerned about the draconian measures to exclude those foreigners who are not of retirement age from participating in the health system when their E160 expires. Does anyone know any more about it and what will be the consequences? It may affect our decision to move just yet.

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