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Just to bring some light-hearted and very personal information to the discussions.  Truffles are around.  Obviously and from hereon in, these are my views and I guard them, jealously.  A friend stayed the night, recently; he lives in the Périgord and he brought with him, just over 3 kilos of black truffles.  The truffles had be harvested (for want of a better word) the same morning.  Now, maybe others of you have seen 3kg of truffles in one box, but I, as a chef, have not.  Unfortunately, the truffles were to leave with him in the morning, as nearly all of them were for a client of his.  However, enough were left for us to have the most wonderful breakfast of "Oeufs Brouillés aux Truffes".  The eggs were cooked to perfection, soft and buttery (not rubbery and over-cooked, as is so often the case, especially in the U.K.) and the truffles were, both, grated into the eggs and finely sliced over the eggs.  Heaven!  I have always said that there are luxuries that I can live with and luxuries that I cannot live without.  Truffles are in the latter category.Sorry, I was having a moment :-)

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Hi all, I've just found some British beer in Noz a shop just down the road from the train station. There were crates of Worthigton IPA, Robinson brewery Old Tom & also Trooper. Ofcourse I filled up the boot of the car, but there's plenty left if any of you are interested. Jamie Old Tom is a strong 8° dark beer.  

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We're coming around to that time again, and the release date is set for Thursday, although the wholesalers already have it in stock.  I find it to be, almost inevitably, a horrible wine.  On the other hand, I do think that creating a hype about a release date, that is worldwide, is a particularly brilliant piece of marketing.  Anyway, if anyone does find one that's drinkable, do please let us know the label details.  In the meantime, I'm going to a tasting, in a couple of days.  I did this last year and was left with, quite literally, "a nasty taste in my mouth".  Oh well, someone's got to do it.

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The responses to this thread maybe of interest to many of angloinfo readers who are happy to drive a few miles to have a nice lunch or evening meal. I am not someone who goes out to restaurants much so do not have a wide variety to search through,so I will recommend the chalet du montal just down the hill from dun les places on the road for quarré les tombes.It is a dutch owned bar-resto-hotel with a lovely riverside terrace and always a warm welcome and tasty food and a simple menu at a very reasonable price. Also they do a delicious bowl of chips that are made from potato's that the owner brings over from holland.They are open afternoon and evening for meals throughout the holiday season,and at the moment just evenings. They will soon be going into winter mode and will just be open on weekend evenings.I look forward to reading what restaurants have pleased you that you are happy to recommend.Bonne soiree and bon apetiteJamie xx

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Anyone got any great finds on a small to medium budget? We have friends visiting soon so would love some recommendations please!

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Hi with winter approaching food thoughts in our house turn to stew and dumplings but alas I can't seem to find any suet in the English sections of supermarkets! Has anyone spotted any atora or know of a Frenchie equivalent perhaps? Thankies 

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Hi my supplies from the UK have run out! Has anyone found a French equivalant? Many thanks!

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Hi to all! Quite new to France (6 months as my husbands job brought us here!) I know Burgundy is world famous for French gastronomy but I miss asian food heaps! I wondering if anyone knows of a good restaurant in the Chalon areas or futher afield? Thanks!

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As a lot of you know,france is a country that has a rather delicious choice of meals to experience in all four corners of the country as well as the centre. I have eaten and enjoyed good meals in most of the regions of la france and have been giving thoughts to which one is my favourite and I assure you that it has not been an easy decision to make and even now I am not quite certain if I have chosen the best. I am going to stick my head up over the burgundy parapet here and say that my most delicious meal in the country was a tartiflette down in the savoie washed down with a local light red and slightly herby-fruity wine called mondeuse. I am mentally salivating at the memory now!! I have had tartiflette in other area's,but this one time in particular in a routiere (truck stop-workers restaurant) was unforgetably good. This would be my first recommendation of a delicious meal. What are your thoughts,and what meal or meals stay in your memories from this culinary country? I look forward to hearing and maybe tasting your responses. Love and light to all Jamie xx

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A full weekend in Beaune at the Encheres, ending in the bunfight they call the Gala dinner. It started very formally but some foreign guests forgot about the tasting and went for the guzzling ! Good sales raised good funds for charities including the victims of those murderous bxxxxxrds in paris. Anyone else go?

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Hi can somebody tell which flour is "Self Raising" flour here ?  thanks

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I am a student from India wants to pursue my masters at Universtu of Burgudy, LE Creusot, France. So to survive over there I want detals of whether Indian groceries are available at LE Creusot or not??? I also want cost of living in Le Cresuot. Please help me!

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Anyone seen any red lentils in the shops or supermarkets? I need them for a soup recipe, thanks!

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Hi wondering if whole turkeys will be available in the supermarkets in Burgundy as Christmas approaches? Are they readily available or will we have to ask at a specialist butchers? Thanks in advance!

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Hi anyone know which of the French spuds roast the best and are readily available in the supermarkets in Burgundy? tried a few but yet to find a very good roaster, thanks

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I wonder if any of you have spotted large bottles of vinegar for pickling for sale anywhere? I need a about 5ltrs at least as I want to pickle my own onions, thanks for any spots!

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I'd like to make some chocolate buttercream icing but not sure whether to use unsalted butter (which doesn't  seem to soften much)  or some sort of  butter spread. Can anyone offer any advice please?

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Hello out there- we live in Nolay and will be returning to Sydney late 2014. We have found some great wines and want to put a pallet together for shipment. How do we go about this! any ideas welcome. regards, john v 

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My stocks from the UK have gone,,,,,,anyone seen any in the Burgundy spermarkets? If so whats it called here or a substitute perhaps? Thanks

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Hi,,,,Just had a Spanish friend over who was telling me that they collect snails in the countryside to put in a rustic paella. I would like to do the same but a little wooried about Food safety. Are all Burgundy snails safe to eat, has anyone 'foraged' for any? Thanks

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