British Beer in Avallon be quick.

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Hi all, I've just found some British beer in Noz a shop just down the road from the train station. There were crates of Worthigton IPA, Robinson brewery Old Tom & also Trooper. Ofcourse I filled up the boot of the car, but there's plenty left if any of you are interested. Jamie Old Tom is a strong 8° dark beer.  


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I am shocked and outraged mr Wozza, when have you ever known me drink beer ? ( he says in his finest rhetorical way ) :-)

Thanks for the recommendation boybach.

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If any of you fancy an English ale over the Yule tide, I've found that the same Noz shop in Avallon has a few crates of Black Sheep 8 hopped ale in stock. Also Pataks Korma curry sauce 'handy for currying the Christmas leftovers'. Ho Ho Ho... it's Christmas.   :-)

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Too cold for curried trout is it mr wozza !!!!!

Not that I am there,but for the help of others is Noz still on the hill going between Auchan and the train station?

If so,plenty of parking outside the station or in auchan car park,either way you can work off a few calories going to the shop and that may just make the difference in keeping you slim over the holidays !!

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