Truffles are abundant!

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Just to bring some light-hearted and very personal information to the discussions.  Truffles are around.  Obviously and from hereon in, these are my views and I guard them, jealously.  A friend stayed the night, recently; he lives in the Périgord and he brought with him, just over 3 kilos of black truffles.  The truffles had be harvested (for want of a better word) the same morning.  Now, maybe others of you have seen 3kg of truffles in one box, but I, as a chef, have not.  Unfortunately, the truffles were to leave with him in the morning, as nearly all of them were for a client of his.  However, enough were left for us to have the most wonderful breakfast of "Oeufs Brouillés aux Truffes".  The eggs were cooked to perfection, soft and buttery (not rubbery and over-cooked, as is so often the case, especially in the U.K.) and the truffles were, both, grated into the eggs and finely sliced over the eggs.  Heaven!  I have always said that there are luxuries that I can live with and luxuries that I cannot live without.  Truffles are in the latter category.Sorry, I was having a moment :-)


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I do believe that mouth is watering.  What a lovely culinary experience for you Tigger. I shall be down that way next week and shall no doubt be stopping off somewhere for a good meal involving truffles.  Verrrrrrry tasty .        

Thank you Tigger , you have given me something to look forward for , well on top of all other things I look forward for. xx


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Thank you Jamie.  You are always so positive and kind.

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