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Good day to you. I want to find my soul mate. Is it really possible to find a serious woman on online dating sites? Share your opinion, please. Thank you.

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We are on Carte de sejour temporaries, renewing every year.  If we stay 5 years and decide to apply for the 10 year carte de sejour are we entitled to the French Government health system or do we have to continue to pay and provide our own heath insurance with medivac cover? Would we be entitled to any French government assistance? Does anyone know?  We are New Zealanders.  As we pay tax in France it would not quite seem right if we had to continue paying for our own medical insurance after the 5 year mark if we did get our 10 year cards but I cannot see where to find the information. Thanks! 

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Bonjour a tout, bonjour a tous ( hello to you all boys and girls) ,I hope that some of you have the chance to drive across the morvan whilst the snow is here so that you can enjoy the beauty of seeing the rollng countryside covered in snowy pines,it really is well worth seeing.  Having been down a couple of lanes this morning,I would recommend that if you do pass through the Center of the morvan ,DO stick to the main roads.I parked up on the side of lac de st agnan yesterday afternoon and it was verrrry pretty,but with wet roads and tracks the snow wasnt sticking so excellent news for the visitor. I settled in for the night in the flying dragon,created a roaring fire and settled in for the evening with a good film. After the film finished about half eight ,  I opened the door to let cockney out for his besoins and noticed that everything had disapeared under the best part of 5cms of snow during the film.This presented a problem for me that as I was on roads and tracks that are very little used at this time of year and are very hilly , I may get snowed in on the side of the lake for a few days or a week or two and to be honest , that would of been quite acceptable any other time as I had a good stock of wood and water in the van and plenty of food and even a couple of good bottles of red in stock. However,the six nations is on and there would be no way of watching it from where I was parked.I made the decision there and then that I had best get going to quarre les tombes where if I was to get snowed in,it would not matter as I have receptions for both french tele and a satellite reception there as well as the pub the quarre cremes where there is also a good tv and wifi,not to forget beer,no brainer really.This is the point where I become a complete hypocrite for moaning about many french drivers and the dangerous things they do on the road as I sneaked along the lanes in second gear concentrating hard to keep the van in perfect co-ordination with the road and conditions. This does not sound ridiculously dangerous I agree,but when I throuw in the fact that I still had a roaring fire going in the log burner and a cloud of smoke following for all 10 to 12 kms you will appreciate that the idiot on the road was me :-oHowever,there was nothing on the lanes at all ( even the french were being more sensible than me ) and once I got onto the bigger road that runs from Saulieu to quarre,it was quite easy.Anyhow,moving swiftly back onto the beauty,it was lovely waking up in the aire de camping car this morning which is situated in the park with a couple of amazing sequioa's and seeing them covered and surrounded by snow. After my morning cuppa,I took cockney for a lovely stroll and wade across the surrounding countryside and as well as the visual and sensory feast ,nit gave me great pleasure to see my Ten year old white german sheppard running around like a Two years old complete loony. Brilliant.As the snow clearer had been up and down the road,I went for a drive back out towards saulieu for ten miles or so and was completely wowed out by the beauty driving up through the forests and then looking down over the tree covered valleys,very memorable and I thought worth sharing with you lovely people.Am just having a plate of chips and a glass of wine in the above mentioned pub and will soon be off back down to the same parkup,relight the fire and spend the afternoon with a good book , with the occassional break to throw the ball for loony dog.Have always loved the Morvan as many of you know , but it has been lovely seeing it in this set of clothes.I hope that you all are in a situation where you can enjoy the snow and hope that you have no problems because of it.Love,light and snowmen (and women) to you allJamie and cockney xx

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I'm looking to transport a couple of boxes of books from UK (Cambridge) to near Dax for a friend who is having to remain in France due to disability preventing her going back to UK.  Any ideas?

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Hello all.I hope that you had a wonderful time, during the Christmas holiday and I wish you health, happiness, security and great food for 2018.

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I would just like to wish everyone on here all the hairy breast,oops-very best for the seasons holidays and hope that no matter what you celebrate or who you are with that you all have a great time in the best of health and a 2018 full of love,fun and all that is positive.Love and light from me and cockney in the flying dragon down in the ariege pyranees surrounded by snow,pines and robins. xxxx

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So, where are you all on Brexit?  Theresa May has jetted in, at the last minute to save the day.  We all know that the "Last minute" was probably planned ages ago, as she was not going to let Bojo or Davis take what little glory may be available, even if the glory will not last any longer than a Brexiters dream of getting his/her country back.  What on earth does that mean?

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Hello everyonei hope someone can point me in the right direction.My daughter has booked a venue to have her wedding celebration near Chatillon sur Seine. The venue is essentially a large self catering property, and she would like to source either a local wedding planner, or at least someone who can coordinate arrangements for caterers, and some transport for guests between the venue and their accommodation.The venue can sleep and cater for 40 and there will be another 60 guests accommodated elsewhere. The wedding is a 4 day event. Arrival  Thursday, ceremony Saturday, departure Monday. Early summer 2018. Friday and Sunday will have other things organised for guests but that has yet to be decided.Daughter and fiancĂ© are UK based and the venue is too far from our part of France for us to be hands on.recommendations for wedding planner, caterers, and taxi/minibus hire would be very welcome. Even just a great organiser who knows the area and would act as go-between/negotiator.Many thenks in advance.

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 We live in Montbard does anyone know know an English speaking agent nearby?Such as Dijon, or ,Auxerre??

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I know that this question is very much open to what the person is searching for,but with what you know about Burgundy and basing it on your own experiences if someone was to ask you where in Bourgogne would you recommend that they bought a property,where would you tell them?There are so many beautiful parts of the county where I love to spend time and I can see why people would recommend most of the places that they would recommend,though from my own personal view based upon many,many visits to the morvan national park,this is where I would recommend most.The morvan covers a fair area,but if I was to bring it down to an area within the park I would choose somewhere near to the village of quarre les tombes which is a village that has just about everything that is needed for everyday life including shops that offer good local produce as well as stocking good wines and beers from the local area as well as a great bakers and butcher.The nearest town of any decent size is avallon which is maybe a little over twenty kms away and has all the usual town services or if it is countryside that you search then the village is surrounded by forest covered hills with a choice of beautiful lakes near by to be enjoyed. If you want a larger town or city both Dijon or auxerre are not too long  a drive.It would be good to see where other forum users would rercommend and why !!Love and light to allJamie xx

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This page gives directionto understudies on the most proficient method to benefit as much as possiblefrom the online investigation. Online Australian assignment helpexamination is frequently one part of grounds based learning and educating. Atthe point when utilized along these lines, the online exercises and assets arethere to help and supplement other course parts, for example, addresses andpracticals. For instance, you may be required to partake in onlineinstructional exercise exchanges or work together with kindred understudies inan online little gathering venture.

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Hi everybody.  I am trying to be positive here and I am asking for ideas to promote the use of this site.  Everybody knows that I miss the old Angloinfo, but I accept that, as Jamie wrote, being negative doesn't really help.  So, I'm asking you all for ideas that Admin can listen to and, if necessary, pass on to head office.  I will start the ball rolling by suggesting that, at least once a week admin posts something in the discussions pages to promote the wonderful area in which we live. Yes, I know that we can do it, but if admin does it, every week, then knowing that it will happen, I for one will check in to see if there's something that interests me. I know and understand that Angloinfo relies upon advertising and, therefore, I am not asking that admin encroaches into that area.  Just local events, brocantes, live music, food events etc.  So, that's my tuppence worth, come on the rest of you, let's try to resucitate Angloinfo Burgundy.

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Bonjour mes amis of Bourgogne :-)I am in wales at the moment enjoying a visit with my mum as well as watching the lions matches in the local bars and getting in some lovely long early morning walks on the stunning pembrokeshire coast path. I shall be making movements towards Burgundy next week and shall probably be around for a month or so as have got some stone walling work to do near saulieu.Anyhow,I thought that whilst I am in the area,that maybe a few of us could meet up for another Bunfight (lunch) in the morvan as my very goodself and mr and madame wozza did last year and good food and times were had by all,and maybe even a wee drinkl too :-)I can not given exact date yet or venue as will have to figure that out when I get to the area,but would imagine that it would be the chalet montal again and maybe the start of august. Alternatively a few drinks on a local terrace could be an otption too.Last year we stopped the night and wild camped out in the park and enjoyed a nice bit of food in the evening in a picnic area and a glass or three? It was very convivial.Any one interested ?Love and light to you allJamie xx

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So can anyone think of something positive to say about the next president of the hexagon?

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Hello. We will shortly be staying near Chapaize ( near to Cluny) and was wondering  if anyone can tell us where we could attend an Anglican Church for a Sunday morning service.thank you

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What am I doing wrong? I'm trying to reply to someone's posting but my message isn't registering. No wonder people don't use this site so often. It's very frustrating!

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I'm trying to contact kerman-424551 re. boat sales but my emails don't seem to be registering. Can anyone help?

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