Am I entitled to French Government medical provisions with a 10 year carte de sejour?

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We are on Carte de sejour temporaries, renewing every year.  If we stay 5 years and decide to apply for the 10 year carte de sejour are we entitled to the French Government health system or do we have to continue to pay and provide our own heath insurance with medivac cover? Would we be entitled to any French government assistance? Does anyone know?  We are New Zealanders.  As we pay tax in France it would not quite seem right if we had to continue paying for our own medical insurance after the 5 year mark if we did get our 10 year cards but I cannot see where to find the information. Thanks! 


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You need to have a Carte Vitale in order to access French medical services, that is an unless you are prepared to pay for the full cost of the treatment.  Even a carte vitale does not allow you to recoup all of the cost, just a percentage of it.  I live here, have paid taxes here and have a French pension, which is why I have a carte vitale.  I am not sure that a Carte de Sejour will suffice, but an Internet search should give you the answer.Most people in France pay for a Mutuelle, which allows them, in most cases, to recoup the full cost of any treatment.  However and like all insurance, it is not inexpensive if you are in the older age bracket.  As you pay taxes here, it strikes me that you should go through the process of applying for dual nationality a.s.a.p.  However, it takes a long time and I do not know if New Zealand allows this. 

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Thanks for that. I think we will try applying for a carte vitale and see how it goes. Our prefecture office is very nice to us. 

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If it doesn't work immediately, the Prefecture will tell you what you need.  Good luck!

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Thanks. We will pop into our prefecture and ask. Appreciated 

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