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So, where are you all on Brexit?  Theresa May has jetted in, at the last minute to save the day.  We all know that the "Last minute" was probably planned ages ago, as she was not going to let Bojo or Davis take what little glory may be available, even if the glory will not last any longer than a Brexiters dream of getting his/her country back.  What on earth does that mean?


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Hi Tigger,

Ooh, ooh, I know this one because I've been listening to The Today's Right-Wing Bigot Programme on Radio 4. Apparently, Britain had been country-knapped and held hostage in Europe for 40 years. Only the more observant of the country's voters noticed but thankfully they brought it to everyone's attention by demanding that the Government 'take our country back.' David Davies staged a brave rescue attempt which almost went badly wrong but miraculously succeeded at the last moment when Wonder WoMay flew in and negotiated the most amazing deal giving the EU everything it asked for to release the country. Such is Wonder WoMay's generosity that she also won a hard-fought victory for us British Traitors, who have abandoned the UK and thereby given up any right to be considered British or even Human, so that we can safely enjoy the exact same right to stay in EU27 that we had before she flew in. This is important because it means you and I can stop whining now because we're sorted.

TT'sR-WBP reports that Britain has been released from captivity and is slowly making its way back to its old spot just to the right of Ireland [and Hitler]. Phew! What a close call.

I hope that was helpful. As a result of this month's listening I can also do 'Remoaners are Sabotaging Brexit Negotiations' and 'The Will of the People', sometimes referred to by BBC presenter Nigel Farage as 'The People Have Spoken'.

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Great post Maisie; I am now better educated in this matter.  However and because of the Northern Irish wanting to remain British, but not wanting a border to Southern Ireland, and Davis' big mouth, it is apparent that things are not as settled as the Maybot would wish.  Anyway, my application for a French passport is on the way.

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And now Dominic Grieve's amendment win!

I hope your passport application goes smoothly and swiftly. I have looked into French citizenship and would apply in a heartbeat but as a housewife I don't meet the criteria. Considering my options to remain a European citizen but all looking rather bleak at the moment.  As somebody very wise once said, 'If this ain't a mess, it'll do 'til a mess comes along.'

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Yes, the amendment win is a start in a better direction.  As far as my French passport application is concerned, there should not be a problem, I've been living here for 15 years, worked here, have a carte vitale and paid taxes.

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what is brexit ????

It sounds like some kind of breakfast biscuit to me :-)

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