Maybe our last day together on angloinfo

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Hello friends of Burgundy , this may be goodbye for us on this forum and if it is I would like you all to know that it has been a pleasure spending time with you lovely people.I just tried clicking on angloinfo Brittany and it has become smartexpat.comAngloinfo is in the middle of being dismantled right now.Bye for now beautiful people,I look forward to maybe catching up with you soon somewhere here in forum land or out in the real world.Love and light to you allJamie and cockney xx

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itinerant child-414831 1522306269

We are still here , I guess that there must still be a franchise contract on the Burgundy site. 

I think that all the others have now switched to smartexpat. 

They have gone back to a format that is very similar to the old angloinfo layout which I find easy to navigate.  Maybe worth your while lovely people to have a look on one of the other smartexpat sites such as smartexpat Brittany to get an idea on how it all works. 

Wishing you all a great day. 

Love and light  

Jamie  xx

Tigger-459388 1522520267

Oh well Jamie, whatever happens, it's a pleasure to know you and all of the old regulars.  Take great care of yourselves.

wozza89 1522590192

Hi all, I,ve popped over to the SmartExpat site & it looks pretty much like AI.

Be catching up with you all on the other side.

Tigger-459388 1522596539

What I find to be interesting/odd is that, when I looked at the SmartExpat site, just now, I found that I am already registered there.  Now, the facts of the matter are that I have never registered there.  So Admin, what is going on, surely you do not have the right to pass on my details?  Or, is it that it is the same site with a different name (have you been bought out)?  Either way, the members should be told.

wozza89 1522599694

Yes Tigger, very odd! I've just looked at the SEP Burgundy site & the most recent post is one I put up last October??? It seems not only are personal details have been passed on.

wozza89 1522612130

Admin will we have an edit button oneday? Tigger & IC 'are' should be 'our'.

To be able to edit... or not to able to edit. That is the question!

itinerant child-414831 1522614789

I understand your concerns Tigger,however it is Wozza that concerns me most at this moment. 

Did anyone else make any sense of what he was saying ? 

Am sure that it was not wozza making drunken uterances , it was more than likely a gliche in the system in the change over period !!!!!!!

Maybe !!!!

itinerant child-414831 1524653710

Guess I was completely wrong with that last day comment then !!!!!

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