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Come on admin.  It's quite obvious that something has gone terribly wrong with this site.  It would be nice if you'd try to do something about it.

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itinerant child-414831 1507106981

Bonjour monsieur Tigger, I completely agree with you that admin should try and make a bit more of an effort to get the site rolling,but it should not just be on their shoulders as our efforts help make a difference to,and the members most definately maketh the site. 

It needs lots more very normal people like me,you,simon and wozza to name but a few. once you get a few people making interesting and humorous comment,others get attracted to that.

No doubt that there are still a silent few who look at the site and I encourage them to come forward and ask questions or share their experiences with us.

I have just got back from the mountains where unfortunately wifi is not readily available (not far different from here!!) so have not been able to post much,but do occassionally pop my head in to see if the old gang are sharing a bit of fun and informative banter. I always used to have a giggle when I looked at the Burgundy site,I hope to see that return one day.

Well done for posting good sir as positive direct action is the best way to get results.

So please admin,how about a bit of input from you and everyone else too.

More love,light and laughter needed please good people of burgundy.

Love to all

Jamie xx

Tigger-459388 1507114500

I get your point Jamie, however and as you and most of us know, this used to be a very active site and it, also, acted as a sort of community.  Then, admin changed the site, then, they changed it again.  The end result has been the slow dying off of the site.  People need to feel encouraged to visit the site.

I wish you the very best

itinerant child-414831 1507199516

Agree completely with you Tigger. I know  a lovely couple who live in the 71 who used to have the angloino franchise for auvergne ( hello you guys if this).

They were up against it from the start due to the lack of expats throughout that lovely region,but despite the odds being stacked against them,they worked very hard on the site by joining in with discussions and creating threads of interest to all,and in return they started building up a little online community like the one that existed here in Bourgogne.

Sadly they let go of the franchise to concentrate on another business venture that needed more of their time and the site drained away to nothing and was eventually taken down.

I was talking to some brits I know in the auvergne a week or two ago and they were saddened to see it go.

It would be such a shame if the Burgundy site went down the same road.

Admin,I do not knock you for making mistakes as that is normal,though not learning from said mistakes is sloppy business. If you want to keep making money from ai Burgundy,you are going to have to work at it.

I will say again though that ( and this is not aimed solely at you tigger,in fact at me as well as the others ) , that to make the site work and to make it a viable business venture for ai head office,we all need to step up our efforts.

I am back in Burgundy for the next few weeks but have got to be back in Brittany for a few gardening jobs in november and I shall try and get a few new threads going whilst I am here.

I hope that all is well and positive for you all.

Amour et lumiere

Jamie xx

Tigger-459388 1507200140

Nicely put, Jamie.

chèvrefeuille 1507291630

Surely it is up to the users to keep the discussions going, it's their platform. Admin have no responsibility to lead this part of the site. If you want more posts start some positive threads and encourage others to join in.

Tigger-459388 1507295460

If this was just about the discussions, chevrefeuille, you may have a point.  It is about the whole site.  Have you checked out the classifieds?  The site is dying and it's not the fault of whomsoever is running this, or any other, particular Angloinfo site, it's the Angloinfo head office, which has changed things for the worse.  You are comparatively new here and, presumably, do not know how it was.  That written, the discussion side of things is important, as people who come to partake of the discussions, may well look at the classified adverts as well, or think about advertising.  I have often advertised items, both in Paris and in Burgundy, but never on Angloinfo.  Why?  Because one has to balance the cost of the advert with the number of people who may see it. This may appear very negative, but that is not my intention; I miss the old Angloinfo and my intention is that the Head Office should fix it, so that we can enjoy, and use it, it once more.

Therefore and in an attempt to start a positive discussion, maybe people can start a list of things that they think may improve the site, and its revenue?

itinerant child-414831 1507371152

Free beer and crisps for the regular users :-)

Tigger-459388 1507378181

Nice idea Jamie, alternatively free rouge de Bourgogne and foie gras. :-)

wozza89 1508273722

Good God Tigger, look what you've done now with all this positive thinking. You've started a riot of postings & replies, even from newbies, it was nice & quiet on here, now it's even loud engough to wake up Simon from his Southern Burgundy siesta. ;-)

itinerant child-414831 1508484430

Got me giggling into my coffeee there mr Wozza :-)

Excuse my lack of posts this week good people,but I am in an area that does not have much wifi around,but will be back posting soon.

Have only got a few more days left in Burgundy before having to get back to my autumn gardening clients in Brittany and then spend about five weeks there before setting off on another tour de france in the flying dragon with both gardens and dry stone walls awaiting upon me in Limousin,Dordogne,Var,Vaucluse,Savoie and Jura over the winter season.

I guess that I will be back with you lovely peeps some time late february ish and am looking forward to it already,even if I am still here !!

Over this time I shall keep popping into say hi and to check that all is well amongst you. Hopefully there will be lots of funny and interesting posts to respond to.

Keep up the post count you beautiful people.

Bye for the now

Love and light

Jamie and cockney xx

Tigger-459388 1508488450

Have a great time, wherever you are, Jamie.

MJS-462688 1508754731

This website colors are not very welcoming. Who every designed this site never did their research. Saying this, we have to make a silk purse out of a pigs ear. Thanks to the regular contributors on here, who are keeping it alive !

itinerant child-414831 1508929180

I mentioned this post to cockney and he liked the idea of the pigs ear :-)

Tigger-459388 1508930096

LOL Jamie, newbies may well not know who Cockney is.

wozza89 1508968053

I can vouch that Cockney, he's a gourmet! Avec un Poulet St Sever, whats left over after Itenerant Child & myself have devouvered the meat, he eats the rest, crunches the bones into pulp & licks his lips in satisfaction. A true connoisseur.

Oh Jamie, give up all a wax lyrical on Cockney, after all he's the Wonder dog that flies the Dragon!

wozza89 1508968307

Jamie, typo should be give us all a wax lyrical!

itinerant child-414831 1509440897

Mr Wozza,I take offence about you calling my four legged friend a common sewer !!!!

It could however be time for me to get some specs !

I do remember that chicken meal fondly as it gave bresse a run for its money in claiming the Tastiest chicken in france.

Maybe it was the culinary expertise from mrs wozza and your goodself that made it that good,as the roasties were were quite delicious too.

I am sure that tigger would do a great job making that meal too as he is also a common sewer.

Now , back to those specs :-)

Tigger-459388 1509443004

I'll have you know that here is absolutely nothing common about me, Jamie, even if I may be sewer-like. :-)

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