The Morvan in the snow is sooooo beautiful

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Bonjour a tout, bonjour a tous ( hello to you all boys and girls) ,I hope that some of you have the chance to drive across the morvan whilst the snow is here so that you can enjoy the beauty of seeing the rollng countryside covered in snowy pines,it really is well worth seeing.  Having been down a couple of lanes this morning,I would recommend that if you do pass through the Center of the morvan ,DO stick to the main roads.I parked up on the side of lac de st agnan yesterday afternoon and it was verrrry pretty,but with wet roads and tracks the snow wasnt sticking so excellent news for the visitor. I settled in for the night in the flying dragon,created a roaring fire and settled in for the evening with a good film. After the film finished about half eight ,  I opened the door to let cockney out for his besoins and noticed that everything had disapeared under the best part of 5cms of snow during the film.This presented a problem for me that as I was on roads and tracks that are very little used at this time of year and are very hilly , I may get snowed in on the side of the lake for a few days or a week or two and to be honest , that would of been quite acceptable any other time as I had a good stock of wood and water in the van and plenty of food and even a couple of good bottles of red in stock. However,the six nations is on and there would be no way of watching it from where I was parked.I made the decision there and then that I had best get going to quarre les tombes where if I was to get snowed in,it would not matter as I have receptions for both french tele and a satellite reception there as well as the pub the quarre cremes where there is also a good tv and wifi,not to forget beer,no brainer really.This is the point where I become a complete hypocrite for moaning about many french drivers and the dangerous things they do on the road as I sneaked along the lanes in second gear concentrating hard to keep the van in perfect co-ordination with the road and conditions. This does not sound ridiculously dangerous I agree,but when I throuw in the fact that I still had a roaring fire going in the log burner and a cloud of smoke following for all 10 to 12 kms you will appreciate that the idiot on the road was me :-oHowever,there was nothing on the lanes at all ( even the french were being more sensible than me ) and once I got onto the bigger road that runs from Saulieu to quarre,it was quite easy.Anyhow,moving swiftly back onto the beauty,it was lovely waking up in the aire de camping car this morning which is situated in the park with a couple of amazing sequioa's and seeing them covered and surrounded by snow. After my morning cuppa,I took cockney for a lovely stroll and wade across the surrounding countryside and as well as the visual and sensory feast ,nit gave me great pleasure to see my Ten year old white german sheppard running around like a Two years old complete loony. Brilliant.As the snow clearer had been up and down the road,I went for a drive back out towards saulieu for ten miles or so and was completely wowed out by the beauty driving up through the forests and then looking down over the tree covered valleys,very memorable and I thought worth sharing with you lovely people.Am just having a plate of chips and a glass of wine in the above mentioned pub and will soon be off back down to the same parkup,relight the fire and spend the afternoon with a good book , with the occassional break to throw the ball for loony dog.Have always loved the Morvan as many of you know , but it has been lovely seeing it in this set of clothes.I hope that you all are in a situation where you can enjoy the snow and hope that you have no problems because of it.Love,light and snowmen (and women) to you allJamie and cockney xx


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Sorry folks , I forgot about the bad formatting on the site at this moment and did not put in the extra spaces needed to make the post easier to read.        



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A great and informative read, Jamie.  I have nothing to write about your driving carrying a roaring fire, but that is because you said it all, including the self-criticism.  Stay safe, my friend.

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And well deserved self critisism indeed.   

If anyone feels that they need to get some name calling out of their system , feel free to fire it at me :-)        

Am now at mr Wozza's in Vezelay awaiting upon todays two rugby games , though especially the one between wozza and me,oops I mean England vs Wales :-)            

A couple of hours of chilling out now until beer o clock and the fun and games will begin.  Should be a great atmosphere and a great game at Twickers.      

Happy that I did take that silly risk and am not still stuck on the lakeside :-0      

Bonne weekend   

Jamie xx

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