Transporting books from UK to France

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I'm looking to transport a couple of boxes of books from UK (Cambridge) to near Dax for a friend who is having to remain in France due to disability preventing her going back to UK.  Any ideas?


Tigger-459388 1516844962

The problem here is the distance. I know people with suitable vehicles but they are going to charge rather a lot of money. Are the books worth it?

rosa-462319 1516874948

Probably not commercially but they have sentimental value to my friends.  I was hoping they might form part of a larger removal.  No hurry.

Maisie-886960 1516955042

Not sure how useful this will be  - & depending on size of boxes - but I will happily transport them from Folkestone to near Recey Sur Ource for free & gratis at the end of March. Of course, that means you have to get them to Folkestone and from Recey but if you're interested let me know. 

rosa-462319 1516957676

Thank you Maisie for your kind offer.  I would be willing to take them to Folkestone but unfortunately my friend cannot drive far and has no friends in that area who could bring them from Recey (I believe it is near Dijon?) so it would not work that end.

Maisie-886960 1516978041

Sorry, Rosa, I didn't look carefully enough at the delivery address & assumed it was in Burgundy! 

Tigger-459388 1517330229

I'm sure that you've done this, Rosa, but just in case; have you posed your question in the South-Aquitaine AngloInfo?  If not, you are likely to be far more successful at that site.  Good luck!

rosa-462319 1517420680

Thanks for your advice Tigger, I was not sure how to post on another forum, I am registered on this one.  I hoped there might be some companies recommended who do this sort of removal generally in France.  I will try to post on the Aquitaine website.

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Here's a way to do so copy & paste in your browser, Chose the AI regional site, you may have to login again use the same login & pass word  for AI Burgundy 

rosa-462319 1517424281

Thanks for your help.  I have managed to make a posting there.

wozza89 1517424792

That was quick! 

itinerant child-414831 1517477265

Maybe worth your while posting on both the Dordogne site and the midi pyranees south too , the south Aquitaine site has very little traffic on it and lots of the users from that area use the above mentioned. 

Bonne chance    

Jamie    xx

rosa-462319 1517477962

Thanks 'itinerant child' that is a good idea.  

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