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Hello everyonei hope someone can point me in the right direction.My daughter has booked a venue to have her wedding celebration near Chatillon sur Seine. The venue is essentially a large self catering property, and she would like to source either a local wedding planner, or at least someone who can coordinate arrangements for caterers, and some transport for guests between the venue and their accommodation.The venue can sleep and cater for 40 and there will be another 60 guests accommodated elsewhere. The wedding is a 4 day event. Arrival  Thursday, ceremony Saturday, departure Monday. Early summer 2018. Friday and Sunday will have other things organised for guests but that has yet to be decided.Daughter and fiancé are UK based and the venue is too far from our part of France for us to be hands on.recommendations for wedding planner, caterers, and taxi/minibus hire would be very welcome. Even just a great organiser who knows the area and would act as go-between/negotiator.Many thenks in advance.


Flossie 1507917867

Hi Moira,  I am afraid that I have never seen wedding planners advertised in our area of  (21) but have you scanned the local freebie papers, you might find someone in there.

Moira -Buchanan -911838 1507924236

Thank you Flossie. I will try to check the local free papers, which hopefully I could do online, since none of us is currently in the area physically. Can you tell me their names? In my region we have etcetera and another one but they are both in English. I guess I would need a French one. 


Flossie 1507924795

Evening Moira, Le Criquet is the name of the freebie newspaper that we see widely distributed.

Moira -Buchanan -911838 1507982426

Thank you.

simonarn 1508223656

this is a job for TIGGERRRRRRR!

Moira -Buchanan -911838 1509177140

Hi Simon

I’m afraid I have no clue what your comment means.

Tigger-459388 1509185603

Thank you for your confidence, Simon.  Moira, I'm Tigger, but I am not a wedding planner/organiser, I'm a private chef.  That written, I wish you the very best of luck in finding an organiser.

Moira -Buchanan -911838 1509352078

Hi Tigger

i sent you a PM. Many thanks for clearing up my confusion. I realise frequent posters in this area get to know one another, even if they don’t already.

Tigger-459388 1509443151

Hi Moira

I replied to you 2 days ago.  The mail has not be bounced back to me, so please check your junk mail. 

All the best.


itinerant child-414831 1509736782

Brillant,so when you are using tigger you mention the lovely tigress,but when you are using Marc,does the tigress become the marcess de bourgogne ;-)

Have you had any luck in furthering the wedding plans Moira ?

Wishing you all a great weekend xx

Tigger-459388 1509803972

Jamie, we are meeting to see if I can help; that's all.  The Tigress become the Tigress de Bourgogne :-)

Moira -Buchanan -911838 1511510383

A very belated update, and thanks for all replies.

Marc, aka Tigger has been, and is still, an absolute star. He is still in contact with my daughter. No one could be more helpful.

wedding plans are progressing, although without a wedding planner. Will most Mairies in this region lend or hire out extra tables, chairs, glasses etc, for use in their own Communes? Or with glasses do supermarkets lend, along with drinks orders? 

Obviously we can get all these things from familiar sources but it seems to make sense to source locally rather than transport. We haven’t actually made specific enquiries yet, but a heads-up would be appreciated.

thanks again all.

itinerant child-414831 1511523391

Bonjour, I have known some mairies that have been happy to lend all those sort of things as well as a marquee,but I am sure that this offer depends very much on the commune.

It is a shame that I do not know where I will be yet in early summer as I could of offered you my services as a DJ,but would not offer that if I was not 100 percent sure that I was definately in that part of the country.

Good luck with getting it sorted out as they would like it.xx

Tigger-459388 1511537897

Hi Moira. 

I have not come across a supermarket in France that lends glasses, for no charge, as e.g. Sainsbury's does in the UK.  However, maybe some do and I just don't know about it.

It may be less expensive, in the long run, to buy inexpensive glasses than to hire.   Asda, for example, sell acceptable glasses for about 50p each, but you'd need to transport them.  In France, Auchan sell inexpensive glasses.  I have found that, when there are breakages (and there usually are some), the price of hiring can rise exponentially.  However and as aforementioned, transport will be involved.  This may not be a suitable idea, but I thought that I'd throw it into the ring. :-)

wozza89 1511553630

Hello Moria,

If you're looking for cheap glasses look at the Ikea web site here's the link

You can always raffle them off in sets / lots during the wedding party & give the proceeds  to the happily married couple.

itinerant child-414831 1511713493

Not meaning to be pedantic mr wozza, BUT , Moria is the name of the ancient mines where the dwarf people of middle earth lived in tolkiens lord of the rings !!

I would love an edit button too ;-) xx

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Mustd bee mi byslexie cum'n to frunt. Or u-r spending 2 mutch tyme on Ai Brittany & finical ways rubbing off on your goodself.

Well spotted tho, Mithrandir. :-|-)

itinerant child-414831 1511876122

Mithrandir aka gandalf was my childhood hero after reaing the hobbit for the first of many times :-)

Anyhow enough of this disgression as Moira will be receiving emails saying that she has got responses.. My appologies Moira x

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