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Hi,Can anyone recommend an english speaking General Practitioner in Beaune?Thanks in advance for your help.Rachel

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Hi, Does anyone know of an English speaking optician preferably in the 71 area of South Burgundy please? My French isn't that good after a couple of years sadly! Thanks for any help

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I am in a position when I need repeat prescriptions for heart and neurological problems. I am not a resident yet as I have only had our house in Burgundy for 18 months. My wife has now retired(I have been retired for 9 Years) so we will be living here almost full time. This time I have prescriptions up to October. We are returning for other reasons so may get another 3 months. I can't get a Carte Vitale as I am not resident for 5 years. I have a EHIC card. Can I get repeat prescriptions locally? What do I do?

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Dont worry, its not another of those requests to bung money at somebodys lifechanging moment. I decided it was time to release some of Burgundys finer things from the prison of myself. So I have decided to sponsor myself.I started on the 4 jan and results are ....encouraging. Each 10kgs of weight loss, and I buy myself a top bottle of wine for my future enjoyment. Anybody else on a New Year Resolution that didnt fail after 3 days?

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Hi does anyone know of an English speaking chiropractor in Chalon area or within a drive? Thanks

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Hi , my family and I have resently moved to france with my husbands work. He had to visit the doctors the other day and was told in order to registor with the doctors he will need a social secuitry number. Can anyone tell me if this is correct and if so how do i get one? thanks emma23

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Hi travelling back to the UK for the new year and are travelling after seeing friends in Brittany via the overnight ferry. I suffer from terrible sea sickness and was wondering if anyone know of any wyas to prevent this? Im worried even more as the weather is bad and the sea will be rough at this time of year! Thank for any suggestions.

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Does anyone know what treatment is covered on your european health insurance card? Our daughter was originally admitted to hospital as an emergency, for nearly a week and they now want to admit her again for a biopsy.She doesnt have any other medical insurance other tan the EU health card. Should she return to england for this and further investigations/treatment? Have been on the website and it is unclear. Many thanks

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Are these possible to get from the doctors in France? I seem to have to go for a pointless appointment evrytime i run out of prescription anti hystemines every month, In the UK theyd be on a Repeat prescription! anyone got one? Thanks

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Hello, my husband has been told that to get a carte vitale he must have a copy of his birth certificate in French.  Our local mairie can't help. Does anyone know how we go about getting one. Thanks Glenis

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Hi all have a couple who have holiday home 2 mths here 2 mths uk etc ,had to call samu as guy 71 was not well  so was took to hospital .where he got treatment and has to go back for tests this week but is worried he will have to pay even as he has his ehic card anyone know what is coverd on this card Cheers 

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Has anyone else had to pay out a small fortune for orthodontic work for children? It looks like our daughter needs work. I have since looked on internet and am staggered by the cost of them. I increase our mutuelle to cover dentistry earlier this year, but have just been told they only offer €100 reimbursement and they have told me that the social security does not reimburse 70% of the total invoice only 70% of the basis of their reimbursement which is not very much.  Therefore, leaving us to pay most of it. Just wanted to check other peoples experiences and if orthodontists offer different methods of payment etc Thanks

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Is anyone else receiving a series of emails promoting choice/comparison of supplementary health insurance? We have been receiving heaps of them. Which raises the question, has there been a recent change of regulations to enhance competitiveness amongst the health insurers? Does anyone know?

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Hi anyone know of any English speaking classes in the Macon, Chalon areas of Burgundy? thanks

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Hi, can anyone tell me if there any AA English speaking groups in Burgundy, I have a friend moving to the area who will need to attend so as to continue thier recovery....there is one in dijon, which will be impossible to get to. I don't for confidential reasons want to mention their postcode, but even if it is not convenient this may help someone else, so any areas in Burgundy. You can hit reply and share with others, if not and you don't want your username recognised please write to me and I will post any info with your consent. With thanks    

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Can anyone recommend a holistic dentist in Burgundy? I've tried several regular dentists and have not screamed out loud so much in my life. : / If you can recommend one that is outside the region, I'd like to hear about them as well. Thanks.

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The news is full of the lack of doctors in rural areas - is it true where you are? I'm a freelancer, researching a piece at the moment about the new government initiatives to entice medical students to take placements in rural areas, and I'm wondering if this if affecting many people already. One GP tells me that there are several areas with only one GP for 15 000 patients, which seems unthinkable - and unworkable. I'd love to hear genuine experiences. If you've had trouble finding a GP, signing n with one, or just facing incredibly long waits for a GP or specialist appointment, please do send me a line (here or messaging). You can be anonymous if you prefer, I just want to be sure I'm giving a true representation of the facts in different areas. Thanks in advance, AD

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I am moving from Australia to Chalonon-sur-saone and would like to find a qualified remedial massage therapist in burgundy. I would really appreciate any help as I have found someone in Geneva but was hoping to find someone closer. Moira

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Hi is there an equivalent of Simple soap in the Supermarkets in Burgundy. Its the only soap i can use and ive run out. Thanks

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Can anyone e-mail me with details of a recommended Doctor  who has english, in the Chalon area.  Many thanks

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