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Hello, my husband has been told that to get a carte vitale he must have a copy of his birth certificate in French.  Our local mairie can't help. Does anyone know how we go about getting one. Thanks Glenis

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Tom-460251 1374491837

Hi Glenmay we had to do this too, you need a translator to do this, youll find a list on Angloinfo here:

Good luck its a long process

Tigger-459388 1374499338

That's interesting and just goes to show that the goal posts can move (or be moved).  I got my carte vitale as soon as I got into the French system, i.e. I became employed.  I have never had any of my British documents translated.

Glenmay 1374579581

Thanks Tom, perhaps now we can move forward. I got my carte vitale 6 years ago and didn't have to have any of the documentation they're asking for now. Thanks again Glenis

Glenmay 1374579629

More hoops to jump through nowadays Tigger!

Tigger-459388 1374591385

And France's desire to increase bureaucracy continues ......  Thank Goodness that my paperwork is done and dusted, I'm too old to jump through hoops now, and I certainly don't have the patience.

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