Orthodontics Work in France

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Has anyone else had to pay out a small fortune for orthodontic work for children? It looks like our daughter needs work. I have since looked on internet and am staggered by the cost of them. I increase our mutuelle to cover dentistry earlier this year, but have just been told they only offer €100 reimbursement and they have told me that the social security does not reimburse 70% of the total invoice only 70% of the basis of their reimbursement which is not very much.  Therefore, leaving us to pay most of it. Just wanted to check other peoples experiences and if orthodontists offer different methods of payment etc Thanks


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 We used a local dentist for check uos at very reasoanble rates  but 

she  wanted to lots of cosmetic work at extorionate prices and our mutual only covers a small % too.

 So i remain and ugly old man but happy with my bank account



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