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Are these possible to get from the doctors in France? I seem to have to go for a pointless appointment evrytime i run out of prescription anti hystemines every month, In the UK theyd be on a Repeat prescription! anyone got one? Thanks

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stevelaf50-461942 1375813041

 My doctor doesnt do auto repeats but the specialists has given me 6 months supply on one script.

   The chemist will give me all at once or some as and whne 




wozza89 1375819862

My Wife is on life long medication, she has repeat prescriptions, for some of the medication she has to go to the chemists once a month but for other medication every three months, & it's been like that for years & have changed doctors  3 or 4 times. 

Try asking your doctor why you have to see him / her every month. If you're not satisfied with the reply  change doctors. 

dominique-462909 1375845321

I get my repeat prescription every 3 months. My GP says that's the most he can give due to new guidelines. 

CharlotteM-441068 1378702862

My precription is also every 3 months and I know that that's the longest they are supposed to do without seeing you.  Just ask - it seems crazy to have to go to the doc every month for something as simple as that.  

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