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I am in a position when I need repeat prescriptions for heart and neurological problems. I am not a resident yet as I have only had our house in Burgundy for 18 months. My wife has now retired(I have been retired for 9 Years) so we will be living here almost full time. This time I have prescriptions up to October. We are returning for other reasons so may get another 3 months. I can't get a Carte Vitale as I am not resident for 5 years. I have a EHIC card. Can I get repeat prescriptions locally? What do I do?

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simonarn 1472451186

Im responding to this as its an important issue and the man needs help, not silence.

Norman, ask at your local pharmacy if they will accept fax prescription from your UK GP as a  stop gap measure. Also make an appointment to see your french village GP and ask him for an "ordanance" for your prescription, the medecine might be a different name but he will understand what you need. You don`t need a Carte Vitale to get a prescription in France, only to get the medecine subsidised, so it will cost more but you may be able to claim that back in the UK and in any case monetary matters are secondary to the essential.

Kingnoe 1472492757

Thank You SimonArn I will try that.

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