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Hi travelling back to the UK for the new year and are travelling after seeing friends in Brittany via the overnight ferry. I suffer from terrible sea sickness and was wondering if anyone know of any wyas to prevent this? Im worried even more as the weather is bad and the sea will be rough at this time of year! Thank for any suggestions.

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Kitten - you have my sympathy.  I was in the RN Reserve for many years and while I loved being at sea, sea sickness was a curse for me.  The first bit of advice that anyone gave me was to lie down, preferably under a tree!  My advice is to go to a pharmarcy, explain that you want something 'pour me garder contre le mal de mer' and they should be able to give you tablets that can be sucked starting the day before departure.  These worked very well for me when I came back from the UK on 22 Dec when the morning crosing from Newhaven had been cancelled.  Yes, it was very rough! Ideally get a cabin, as we did, as it's the best place to be if you are ill and the crossing from Brittany is a longish one.  The tablets I got were 'Cocculine'.  Good luck!  BTW, don't waste your money on Seabands!


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i have used "sea bands" for many years . They are elasticated wrist bands which create a preasure point on the inside of the wrists. i used to be sick on coaches and the sea and with thesem i have been all over the eu on coaches and the ferry if fine too unless its really rough.

Boots sell them and tyhe last ones came from ebay




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