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Dont worry, its not another of those requests to bung money at somebodys lifechanging moment. I decided it was time to release some of Burgundys finer things from the prison of myself. So I have decided to sponsor myself.I started on the 4 jan and results are ....encouraging. Each 10kgs of weight loss, and I buy myself a top bottle of wine for my future enjoyment. Anybody else on a New Year Resolution that didnt fail after 3 days?

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wozza89 1454625900

Hi Simon,

Thinking of your future happiness… I’d differ the limits to Imperial, 10lb = 4.5kg +/- = good bottle of wine for the cellar. So more reward for a much deserved sterling effort !

Also I think that whence you’ve reached  your “poids idéale” for every month you keep to it, you surely merit another bottle for the cellar !

Myself haven’t touched a cigarette since the evening of 1st of Jan this year, have replaced the craving moments with a top of the range e-cig & it’s working wonders. My next step is in the future 2 stop the e-cig.

 Maybe Tigger can give some recipes on calorie / fat burning foods ?

 Bon courage.

simonarn 1454662654

Excellent idea Wozza, with a bonus bottle every 3 just to ease the discomfort.

Tigger-459388 1454702138

Hi Guys

Amusingly enough, one of the things that I specialise in is providing food for those with allegies and/or special diets. Therefore and as you can imagine, I have a healthy and svelt body, yes? ............ No!

I admit to being reasonably good at what I do, as far as my work is concerned, although I have semi-retired.  However and after 8 hours in the kitchen, I'm inclined to eat comfort food, then, I'm inclined to eat some more.  :-)  The diet idea is a good one and I really need to do it.  They do say, however, "Never trust a thin cook"

There are no fat-burning foods but, there is fat-burning exercise.  All food has a certain amount of calories (O.K. forget water and black coffee).  Also, do be careful of alcohol as it has loads of calories; also of fruit juice - too much sugar.  The real problem lies in the fact that all of the fad diets are just that - fads.  Medically, the human body needs a lot of exercise, coupled with a well-balanced diet.

The very best diet advice that I have heard and can repeat is this:  "Eat food, mostly leafy, not too much."  

Simple isn't it?  Unfortunately, it's a bit short to make into a book and earn me millions.

In the meantime, Bon Apétit!


itinerant child-414831 1454847443

I was going to add somethiing witty and inteligent on this subject,but am now feeling poorly with the image of tiggers healthy and svelt body in my mind !!!!!!!

There are many people who do not consider taking this approach simon,so is it ok if I take their rewards for them ?

The way I see it,there are thousands of unclaimed decent bottles of wine out there,and it would be a shame to waste them.

Wozza,well done on keeping away from the fags,I only hope that you can keep it up throughout the six nations as I know how passionate you get about the game. If you can get through the entire tournament without a ciggy,I will bring you a decent bottle when I visit in a few months,and no fibs as I shall be asking your good lady :-)


Tigger-459388 1454925447

You made me laugh out loud, Jamie.

wozza89 1455640140


Hope you’re keeping up the good work & your cellar is filling at a nice pace.

Itinerant child

Thanks 4 the encouragement, I’m still ciggy free. Misses Wozza will vouch for that. I must admit that I do puff somewhat on my e-cig when England are playing. Also can tell you that sub-ohm vaping in the living room can set off the smoke alarm in the hall way. (Misses Wozza was not pleased).

itinerant child-414831 1455642471

Keep up the good work you both  :-)

Next time we take out some oak beams from your house wozza, it may be you carrying them out back instead of me as you will have new improved super health xx

I am in one of my local bars on a canalside in Brittany and am having a glass for both simon and wozza,I am such a nice guy like that :-)

simonarn 1455786453

Have a second one Jamie, im 17kgs or 37 lbs lighter

itinerant child-414831 1455812993

Bravo Simon,I am that impressed that I think that I shall have to have another two for you :-)

Chapeau mon ami x

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